Bricks For Bears – (19/7) TARGET REACHED! – Brilliant News – But Dont Stop Buying !

Our recent post to help the Animals Asia campaign:

Conrats everyone; you did it !!

Current total – 4,089 bricks purchased – 19/7 0930hrs GMT.

Sanctuary secured!

You made it happen – 4,000 ‘bricks’!

A bear-sized THANK YOU to all those who bought a ‘brick’ in our China flood appeal. Thanks to your urgent response, we’ve hit our target of 4,000 virtual bricks – and now we can start work on securing our sanctuary!

Soon we’ll be able to secure the damaged river bank. For now, the most urgent work involves keeping the swollen river water within its banks. This means placing sandbags kept in place by PVC tarpaulins at vulnerable and collapsed sections along the bank.

We’re happy to report our brown bears are out of their cages and back digging holes and climbing trees. Thank you for an amazing response.

Donations are tax-deductible in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, the UK and US.