Romania: 8/10/13 – Subject – (RO) Update re. Situation at Botosani.


ADOR Flyer

Subject: (RO) Update re. Situation at Botosani

Asociatia Ador

6 hours ago near Botosani, Romania

My friends…the meeting with the city hall had place today.

Even if the authorities ware pretty unfriendly against Ador

– they said they will not kill the dogs if there are 2 conditions:

1. the dogs will have food, given only by the animal lovers, the city hall will stop feeding them

2. If the dogs are not adopted and the shelter is full the dogs will be killed.

What we need now, and urgent is this:

– 525 bags of 10 kg/month, for the dogs in the Ps (350 dogs) One dog eats 15 kg food in one month.
– adopters
– a big foundation that will help with an neutering campaign for the dogs with owner, so no more dogs will be abandoned on the streets.

Please start donating as soon as possible for food, in: paypal account:

RO02 BACX0000003480143001

please mention “food the dogs in Ps”

If you can help us please talk to the dry food producers to donate, please talk to anyone that can sponsor with food!

We need your help urgent to keep these dogs alive.

Please share for adoptions the dogs in the Ps.


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