England / USA: ‘Banksy’; English Street Artist Visits New York and Does His Bit Against the Live Animal Transport Campaign.


Very famous but totally unseen British Street artist ‘Banksy’ was in New York over this last weekend.


He got a guy to set up a small stall on the street selling his pictures (originals) for $60 each.

Each one is probably worth over $10,000, so it was a good investment.

Few people responded, but one guy purchased 4 for $240 – and now he probably has $50,000 worth of pictures !

Click here on the Banksy site to see a video of the New York city sales stall.  http://www.banksy.co.uk/

This was a one off – it will not happen again !! – a chance to make a good profit !

Whilst he was in New York, Banksy released a piece of art in New York, one element of which is designed to highlight the cruel way we transport animals around.

Watch it here – New Yorkers and SAV supporters, did you see it ?

If Banksy is doing something to support the campaign against live animal exports, then we must be getting our message across ! – Cheers Banksy !! – very effective.

Watch the New York animal transport video here:


There has been a lot happening over this last week re live sheep exports from the UK to mainland Europe.  This is to meet the demand for live sheep for the Muslim festival of Eid this week.  Animals will be killed by ritual slaughter.  The exporter is a Dutchman called Johannes Onderwater.  Last week at the shipment, all vehicles taking animals were Dutch; today (14/10) all but one were Dutch registered.  He contributes nothing to the UK economy and expects British people to pay for policing so that his trucks do not get any trouble at Dover, Kent, the harbour from which they are exported.

British people hate this trade in live animal exports, but the coalition (Conservative / Lib Dems) government has not got the guts to take any action to stop it.  So we will probably have to wait until 2015 and then vote for other political parties in the UK General Election.  This coalition is also killing the badgers in the UK at present.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and all his ministers hate environmentalist and people who defend animal welfare, and that includes KAALE, the anti export organisation I am also involved with – check is out.  www.kaale.org.uk  

All effective campaigns take time to win; but we will win the tussle with Onderwater in the end – even if costs the next UK government, and it probably will.  We want Cameron and all his animal hating cronies out, the sooner the better.

Mark – SAV founder (and live transport campaigner / investigator).

A few pictures from KAALE photographer and good friend Valerie, taken at the export consignment at Dover (England) this morning by Dutch exporter J. Onderwater – 14/10/13.  More to be added later.

All trucks are carrying live sheep for ritual slaughter at the festival of Eid.  The people wearing yellow tabbards (see photos below – apart from the odd policeman also wearing yellow) are all anti-export campaigners – obtaining vehicle details with a potential view to prosecutions with non EU transport regulations.

All photos below by Valerie C. at KAALE – http://www.kaale.org.uk

ValCameron141113_7604 _1

ValCameron141113_0009 _7

ValCameron_141113_0083 UNIT!

ValCameron141113_0019 _11,

ValCameron141113_0020 _8

ValCameron141113_0039 _12


ValCameron141113_0024 _14

The white 3 door box trailer shown above is actually full of live sheep !

A major issue we are fighting to get stopped as drivers (under EU law) should be able to inspect their animals at all times and obtain access for emergencies and to supply additional fluids if required.

How does a driver monitor his sheep in a trailer like this ?


Visit KAALE at http://www.kaale.org.uk  for lots more news and pictures of ALL sailings.