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Its Christmas

We have some very sad news to tell you today – little ‘Archi’; one of the well known and very much loved little kitties who was given a home at shelter Felix, has passed over the rainbow bridge.

Danica has written a very moving account of little Archi, and you can read it by clicking on the following link: 

Little Archi, in his all too very short life, became a very prominent symbol for all the excellent work being undertaken by Danica in working to help stray cats and kitties in Serbia.

You may have seen Archi’s ‘rascal face’ being used quite frequently on this SAV site. 

He also became even more of a star when he was used as one of the ‘Felix shelter’ 2012 Christmas card kitties used on the KAALE website – 

To see the others, go to   – the ‘Links’ and then ‘Xmas cards 2012’.

With Winter just around the corner, it is essential that the shelter is able to provide continual heat and warmth for all the kitties living at the shelter.  Four gas bottles, each costing 1,300 Euros are required to ensure that the animals stay warm and healthy this winter.

If you are able to give something in memory of little rascal Archi then please go to the following and then click on ‘Ready to help – Donate Now’ on the left hand side.

Please give anything that you can – it all helps, no matter how small a donation. 

Here we will leave you with some wonderful pictures of little Archi who was given everything he needed by Danica at the shelter – LOVE, WARMTH and REGULAR FOOD.

 Archi 1

Archi 2

Archi 3

Archi 4

And for a little stray who started life on the streets of Serbia, that meant the world.

RIP Archi – you were, and are still a star !

You know, there are many days; every day; when you sometimes question if what you try to do is worth anything.  You go from animal suffering in Serbia, to animal abuse in Romania, and then move on to animal suffering in Bosnia as we will see a decision on maybe today (28/10).  Animal suffering is a global issue and it is something that needs to be rectified now, today.

When you feel low and think that maybe you are not getting anywhere with your campaigns; you just have to look at the face of little Archi; rescued by Danica and provided with so much love, care and attention; and then you are given the much needed lift to continue to fight for what IS right – for ending animal suffering around the globe.

The passing of rascal Archi has really affected us here at SAV today; but we gather strength from this little guy who has now given us even greater strength to work harder and campaign even harder for justice and for what we know is right – that all animals be treated with respect and compassion.

Archi, you were, and still are, a star shining bright !

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