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Enjoy the message to the UK government:


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and Owen Paterson MP – government DEFRA Minister – The badgers have moved the goalposts !!

His excuses for the failures.

 government_approved 2On Mon 7th Oct, after 6 weeks of night-time shooting, the marksmen’s guns fell silent and the Somerset badger cull officially ended.  

BUT the government (David Cameron and his stable mate Owen Paterson) has said they’ll extend the cull by 3 weeks in order to try and achieve the target figure.

government_approved 2
 Above – Paterson and Cameron – Badger Killers come whatever !

An online petition, begun by Brian May, which called for an end to a cull of badgers has become the most signed e-petition on the Government’s website. More than 258,700 people added their name to the e-petition since it was started in Aug 2012.  It closed on 7th Sept.

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Brian May Badgers

Above – Badger and animal voice – Brian May (Queen guitarist)

 Back in 2008 The Badger Trust welcomed the decision of Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg not to back a cull of badgers in a futile attempt to control bovine TB in cattle.   Mr Clegg said of the recent badger culling trials: The bias and evidence of that 10 year review was badger culls simply move the problem to other areas.  It only appeared to work in the cases they looked at where you had full badger cull hemmed in by coast or river boundaries. “Secondly Defra just doesn’t have the money to do it.  We can’t move forward in the absence of clearer evidence and in the absence of better resources for Defra.” 

Officers policing the badger culls in England have been accused of “highly questionable” actions by civil liberties lawyers after they told protesters their personal details would be passed to the National Farmers’ Union and handed out NFU-produced leaflets about the union’s civil injunction.  The NFU, which represents the private companies carrying out the cull, obtained a civil injunction prohibiting harassment of people linked to the cull, as well as the blowing of whistles and waving of torches to disrupt shooting. Gwendolen Morgan, a solicitor at Bindmans, said: “The police‘s actions here appear highly questionable. The passing of personal information to a private body, without any apparent legal basis, is a serious concern. Since when did the police become the enforcers of the NFU’s civil injunction?”   The NFU’s relationship with the government is also causing controversy, after Defra refused to disclose information on the cull on the grounds that communications with the NFU constituted “internal communications”. 

badgers north west hunt sabs 

Humane?  Fresh doubt has been cast on the humaneness of the pilot badger cull after a Somerset councillor claimed a “steady trickle of botched kills” has been found outside the zone. Mike Rigby, an independent county councillor representing Bishops Lydeard on the edge of the cull area, fears injured badgers are not being killed instantly, as the Government claims, but are escaping and dying elsewhere.

 badgers animal

High policing costs already mean that the cull is more expensive than a badger vaccination programme, according to one expert analysis. Then there is the possible cost to civil liberties being incurred by the cull. Finally, the pilot culls are failing even on their own terms, as far too few badgers are being shot. All this leads to an obvious question: when the costs outweigh the benefits, isn’t it time to stop? Damian Carrington, The Guardian Oct 1st

badgers this is 

Cull stupid – The ongoing cull of badgers, intended to curb tuberculosis in cattle, is stupid; it has already been shown to be ineffective as a policy; and the Government is surely only doing it to shut farmers up, rather than out of any conviction that it will do any good. Lord (John) Krebs, the president of the British Science Association and the former chairman of the British Food Standards Agency, ran a well-designed 10-year trial into badger culling. “The science is as clear-cut as it can be,” he told Radio 4’s The Life Scientific earlier this year, “and it shows that culling badgers is not a very effective way of reducing TB in cattle.” 

From article by Tom Chivers, Science comment The Telegraph 4th Sept

 save me header

Assault arrest – Gloucestershire police have arrested a man after a late-night incident in which a badger cull protester is alleged to have been assaulted and her car dented and wing mirrors ripped off.  Meg Jones, a badger cull protester, was with 2 other activists who were monitoring a badger sett when they heard shooting in the area.

The group split up to look for the marksmen, with the aim of disrupting the shooting.  Ms Jones said she was following a public footpath when a car with 4 men in it pulled up beside her. “2 got out the car and were shouting and screaming at me,” she said.  She alleges that the men tried to stop her calling the police. “One of the men was shaking my shoulders and hitting my arm, trying to prevent me from making a call to the police,” she said. “I backed away, screaming my lungs off. I was pretty scared. I was on my own; I thought I was going to get beaten up.” 

When she got back to her car, parked on a nearby road, it had been vandalised. When Ms Jones and one of the other activists tried to photograph the incident, they were assaulted by one of the men in the car, she claimed. “We tried to take photos of the men and I went towards their car with a male companion. A man with a beard jumped out of the car to try and get our phones. He was attacking my friend, had him in a body lock bear hug, punching him in the head. I was totally terrified.”  Roger Warner, master of the Ledbury Hunt, who is alleged to have been present at the altercation, has declined to comment.  Gloucestershire Police said officers working as part of Operation Themis were called to an incident around 11.30pm. A 38-year-old man from the Gloucester area was arrested on suspicion of common assault. He has been bailed until 4 Nov. 27 Sept


A programme to vaccinate badgers is forging ahead as Hampshire & Isle of Wight Trust fight back against the Whitehall cull. Late last year the Trust launched an urgent Badger Vaccination Appeal to raise £45,000 for a care package to protect local badgers and cattle from Bovine tuberculosis. And volunteers around W. Cornwall. Licensed volunteers trapped and vaccinated 7 badgers against the disease at a horse sanctuary near Pendeen.


Badger culling is to be banned on Derbyshire County Council land. The Labour-led authority has made the decision on the back of scientific evidence which suggests a badger cull would actually increase the spread of bovine tuberculosis. Hampshire councillors too overwhelmingly backed a motion to ban badger culling on county-owned land. And in Sussex the Green administration at Brighton and Hove City Council said it will look to block any proposed culling in the city and surrounding Downland should the Government look to expand the programme from its current pilot test area.  

Labour figures in the city have also called on the Government to axe their plans to cull badgers across the UK.  Sussex Wildlife Trust has already announced that it would not support any cull on its land although doubts have been raised by Government officials whether any locally stated ban would be enforceable.  Hove Tory MP Mike Weatherley signed an early day motion registering concerns about the cull and calling on Environment secretary to hold a Commons vote before any decision on a wider roll-out of the pilot badger cull is taken. He said: “Although I understand that many people are concerned about the effect that Bovine TB is having on farmers, I am not convinced that the culling of badgers is the right approach.


The first photographs have emerged of what appears to be a badger killed in the controversial culls. Secret World Wildlife Rescue, the Somerset-based animal charity that released the photographs of the badger, said it had been delivered to them by people on an overnight ‘badger patrol’ who reported seeing marksmen searching for the badger’s body in the early hours of Saturday morning. 

Defra told the Guardian it was “confident” that the animal had not been killed as part of the cull because all the badgers killed so far had died “instantly.” Dr Elizabeth Mullineaux, who is a consultant to the charity and has been a clinical vet for 17 years, said: “A single shot has entered left-hand side of the chest, slightly behind the Defra target area. Rather than going through perpendicular therefore to the heart and lungs, it went diagonally and out the side.”  X-rays of the animal showed fragments of the bullet, and what appeared to be “one track” between one entry and one exit point. She was of the opinion just one bullet had been used, leaving the stomach and liver lobe coming out of the “sizeable” exit hole.  She said it was hard to say how long the animal was alive for after being shot, apart from the fact it had time to take flight. The badger’s body will be post-mortemed and then DNA-checked to see if it matched DNA records of badgers within the zone, which were taken by Defra before the cull began.


Please listen to this talk on Sat 7th Sept at the Taunton anti badger cull march by Dominic Dyer, who works for Care for the Wild and Born Free. There is a great deal of really important information in his talk that we can use against the badger cull and we should share this as widely as we possibly can. You will be surprised by some of the information. There is also a short contribution by the Director of the Badger Trust, Geoff Hayden.


Secretive cull

I was pulled over by police twice in the space of 20 minutes last week for being “intimidating”. The second time officers said they had received a call from a member of the public who felt harassed by me. This member of the public was a large bloke driving a pick-up truck which was almost certainly laden with a high-calibre rifle. I was in a people carrier, armed only with a torch. He was enjoying an evening of paid employment killing badgers. I was enjoying an evening of paid employment seeking to discover a few details about the offensively secretive badger cull currently unfolding in the English countryside.

In an incident entirely typical of this cull, the gunman was helped to do his job by the police, who conveniently prevented me from doing mine. On both occasions, officers held me for far longer than it was necessary, to establish I was not breaking any law. This delay enabled the badger cullers to drive away into the darkness and continue their work without having to suffer the terror of a journalist. Farmers in the cull zone are doing themselves a huge disservice with their silence. Country dwellers complain how city types are utterly ignorant of their way of life, but without farmers’ voices it is impossible for the public to understand their point of view….. The people who really should be speaking, however, are Defra and Natural England.

This is supposedly a pilot cull but we do not have any information about how many badgers have been killed so far, how many have been injured, how the marksmen are ensuring clean kills, who is checking the badger body bags, how fiddling the figures or fraud will be prevented, whether there have been incidences of “unofficial” culling, and many other important details. How can we be sure they are doing these proper checks?Extract from The Guardian 12th Sept by Patrick Barkham


No “humane” criteria – The Government’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Nigel Gibbens, admitted there is “no definitive criteria” for measuring how humane the current pilot operations are.  He has admitted that ministers will have no hard and fast rules on what constitutes a humane kill when they come to decide whether the pilot badger cull has been a success. Defra has previously insisted any decision to roll the pilots out nationwide will significantly depend on whether killings have been humane.


This is supposed to be a scientifically monitored trial, but claims are being made that cannot be tested – sometimes frankly incredible claims, such as that the shooters are having a 100% clean kill rate.

A zoologist on patrol tells me that international studies of free shooting generally show “clean kill” rates of free-running wildlife less than 90%. “The highest I know of was a 92% rate of killing impala in S. Africa. And that was in daylight.” Badgers surely are being wounded and crawling away to die in agony.

Natalie Bennett, Green party leader


Inspector sacked – A farm inspector from Somerset who tweeted critical comments about the badger cull has been sacked after the NFU complained to ministers about her views. Janice Holland had worked for the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) since 2001, visiting farms to ensure claims for agricultural grants were not being falsified.

She made a series of remarks on Twitter suggesting she had serious concerns about animal welfare and that the cull was poorly conceived and executed. Ms Holland, who has 22 years’ service with government farming agencies, referred to Peter Kendall, the union’s president, as “Kim Jong Kendall” – a reference to the North Korean leader and a name already in use among anti-badger-cull protesters.

Defra said the NFU was a “stakeholder” and RPA staff should not criticise it in public. Labour MP Barry Sheerman said the sacking was “shameful”. This is Devon. 1 Oct

 Badger goirls

Dog attacked – ‘Camp Badger’ was in shock after a deliberate, unprovoked and viscous attempt to kill Ziggy, one of the dogs at Camp Badger, who was guarding a badger sett. He was lured away by men who made a deliberate attempt to kill him by severing his femoral artery with a knife.  Luckily the dog managed to escape but still sustained 2 knife wounds and was taken to a vet.

May the name of Escott Farm forever live in infamy!

 badger girls 2cameron hitler

Above – The Message to PM Cameron – Hands Off Our Badgers !

Boycott Tourism In Romania – 2 New Petitions.


boycott tourism in romania

There are two new petitions with regard action against Romania for all their animal killing; they are:

Boycott the request of Romania to enter in Schengen until it will solve in civilized mode the problem of strays

Petition link:


Romanian Government: I pledge to boycott your country and its products 

Petition link:

Romania 8 oct 20 

Romania 8 oct 14

Romania 8 oct 17


UK (England) Hunting News. Pro Kill Conservatives and PM David Cameron Want To Make Attempts To Reverse the Hunting Ban.



 England – Crawley & Horsham huntsman pleads guilty

On Feb 2nd 2013 Angmering Park, W. Sussex the Huntsman for the Crawley and Horsham fox hunt is caught setting his pack of dogs onto a fox. The terrified and exhausted animal was illegally hunted for over 15 minutes. The rest of the hunt was involved too and could be seen whooping and smacking their saddles. Based on the overwhelming evidence against him, Nick Bycroft pleaded guilty and was convicted for his crime. He was given a 12 month conditional discharge.  It was established in court that the judge sentencing was Bycroft’s neighbour but the CPS failed to challenge this.  Unfortunately no other members of the hunt who took part were prosecuted.

See the footage here: 


England – Hunters plead guilty to kill

4 members of the Middleton Foxhounds pleaded guilty of illegally hunting a fox.  The crucial evidence was obtained by members of the League’s Investigations Team in Dec 2012. The team videoed a fox taking refuge from the hunt in a stack of hay bales. The animal was trapped in the bales for over 25 minutes, with hunt staff using terriers, sticks and hounds to force the fox to flee into the open. Eventually it did attempt to escape, but was brought down and torn apart by the waiting pack of hounds. The huntsman could then be clearly seen, using his hunting horn to blow the traditional call for a kill. He then picks up the fox carcass and holds it over the hounds so that they could better attack and ‘rag’ it.  The 4 individuals charged were Huntsman Tom Holt, Whipper-in Shaun Marles, Terrierman Lee Martin, and Amateur Terrierman Brian Cuthbertson who all pleaded guilty of Section 1 Hunting Act offences, which is the hunting of a wild mammal with a dog.  Holt was fined £200, Marles was fined £100 and Martin was fined £100. All 3 had to pay a £20 surcharge and £85 in costs. Cuthbertson was granted a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge and £85 costs.


England – Huntsman pleads guilty

In Yeovil Magistrates’ Court, on 12 Sept, David Parker, Huntsman of the Seavington Foxhounds, pleaded guilty to the Hunting Act 2004 offence which took place in Winsham, Dorset in Jan 2013. He was sentenced to pay a £500 fine, £500 costs plus a £50 victim surcharge. The evidence that led to this conviction was obtained by IFAW Wildlife Crime Investigators working as part of IFAW’s UK Enforcement Team, whose role is to gather evidence of illegal hunting to aid public or private prosecutions. They managed to film the hunt on the searching a scrub area from which a fox bolted. When the Huntsman was made aware of the presence of the fox by other people assisting him he then blew the horn and engaged the hounds in pursuing it, which is a breach of section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004 regardless of whether the fox is eventually caught in the end. The footage clearly shows the fox fleeing across the field, with the hounds following “on line” shortly after for several fields and then stopping at a spot where the fox probably hid underground. The huntsman then inspected the spot, other people joined him and some who carried spades started to dig, and eventually the huntsman and the remaining riders left. The whole recorded chase lasted more than 12 minutes and covered a distance of about a third of a mile. After all the evidence and footage was gathered the case was handed over to the RSPCA for consideration, who then successfully prosecuted the huntsman with the evidence IFAW monitors produced. 

Solicitor Jamie Foster, who represented Parker in court, condemned the RSPCA’s decision to prosecute. “Instead of trying to stop the hounds from chasing the fox, in a moment of madness David Parker blew his horn and encouraged them on.  “In the moral pantheon of criminal law it falls somewhere between littering and not paying your TV licence. Jamie Forster is the Countryside Alliance retained lawyer.


England – Ledbury huntsman in court

Following an operation by the League’s Investigations Team, footage was submitted to the RSPCA prosecutions department, who have served a summons on Will Goffe, huntsman for the Ledbury Hunt, for allegedly breaching the Hunting Act 2004.  A preliminary hearing took place at Worcester Magistrates Court on 3 October 2013. Having carefully considered the available evidence the RSPCA has decided there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and that it is in the public interest to instigate a private prosecution in this case. This decision was taken having regard to the guidance to prosecutors set out in the Code for Crown Prosecutors.


England – Gamekeeper kills dog

A Goudhurst man has appeared in court accused of killing a dog by driving over it with a golf buggy.  Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court heard how the incident came after months of arguments between gamekeepers at The Glassenbury Shoot, a Goudhurst gaming reserve, and the dog’s owner, Miss Salmon.  Gamekeeper Tony Reynolds, of Bedgebury Rd, Goudhurst, is accused of screaming “I’m going to kill you and all of your f*****g dogs” before deliberately running over and killing a long-haired white Alsatian dog. 

On July 4, Miss Salmon said she was walking her 3 dogs – a large boxer dog and 2 long haired Alsatians – when Reynolds appeared driving a buggy. Accelerating when he saw the dogs, Reynolds is alleged to have driven straight towards them, knocking a dog down and killing it instantly.  The prosecution said: “Miss Salmon put her arms out, yelling for him to stop, but he kept accelerating towards her before she jumped out of the way.”  Appearing in court, he was charged with criminal damage to property and use of threatening words and behaviour with intent to cause fear.  Reynolds denies that he intended to kill the dog and said he was speeding up to drive away because he knew the dogs were vicious !!.

He also denies using threatening words and behaviour.  Defence solicitor Mr Burrows said: “There is a history of the dogs attacking people and attacking 4×4 cars as well. As the defendant had 2 small puppies with him, he feared that both he and they would be in danger. “He took a sharp left turn and heard a thump. He has never denied he was the driver, but didn’t know what happened to the dog afterwards.”  Reynolds will appear at Sevenoaks’ Magistrates’ Court for trial on Jan 14.

SAV Comment

Despite all the national public support to keep hunting with hounds in the history books where it belongs, UK Prime Minister David Cameron may attempt to try and repeal the hunting act – a law passed by a British parliament in 2004.

The following article is from the UK newspaper the ‘Telegraph’, or ‘Torygraph’ as it is nationally known.

This is a pro-Conservative paper which tends to support David Cameron; thus it may be biassed in the way things are reported.  It is a very one sided opinion to support animal killing.

From the Telegraph: 

Pressure mounts to ease the hunting ban

A full pack of hounds would be allowed to help kill foxes in England and Wales under a relaxation of the Hunting Act being considered by ministers.

10:00PM BST 13 Oct 2013

Under the proposals the law banning farmers from using more than two dogs to flush out foxes and shoot them would be scrapped allowing them to use a full pack.

The move, which is backed by a cross-party alliance of MPs, would be the first change to one of the most contentious pieces of legislation in modern times.

It is certain to reopen the furious debate between supporters of fox hunting and its opponents, who are bound to see any relaxation of the rules as reintroducing hunting “by the back door”.

Farmers say attacks on lambs have been on the increase, signalling that limited pest control measures allowed under the Act are not working.

Hill farmers, who suffered devastating losses last spring as a result of the late snow, say a change in the law is desperately needed to fend off a growing threat to their livelihood.

Rules already in place allow farmers to flush foxes out of their dens and shoot them in order to protect flocks but it is a criminal offence to use more than two dogs.

However MPs from the Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Labour and Plaid Cymru parties, are joining farmers groups in pressing the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson to scrap the limit.

The change, which is likely to require a vote in Parliament but not a fresh bill, would bring the law in England and Wales into line with that in Scotland.

It comes after a study demonstrated for the first time that deploying a full pack of hounds to flush foxes from cover can be almost twice as effective as using a pair of dogs.

The study also concluded that it could even improve animal welfare, because using a full pack of hounds can draw foxes out of their dens to be shot much more quickly rather than enduring a lengthy pursuit. More effective shooting could also reduce the use of snares, which have been condemned as cruel.

Last night the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs confirmed that it had been receiving evidence of an apparent growing threat to flocks from foxes and would study the research “with interest”.


SAV Photo / Comment – Two of the top who support a return to hunting and fox killing – left Paterson and right David Cameron.

Although Mr Paterson, a long term supporter of lifting the hunting ban, has made no commitment to the change, a spokeswoman said he was “aware” of the calls from farmers.

The Coalition Agreement between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats contains a commitment to giving MPs a free vote on repealing the Act which was introduced by Tony Blair in 2004 after a gruelling stand-off between Commons and Lords.

But many Conservatives accept that they might not have enough support to secure a repeal and see amending the pest control provision as a way of helping farmers.

It could also help firm up Conservative support in rural areas affected by the HS2 rail plans.

But it comes at a time when Defra is already facing anger from animal rights protesters over the badger cull.

Farmers backing the calls said the losses last spring were the “last straw” and a spur for action.

In addition to the thousands of newborn lambs which became stranded and froze to death amid the late snow, some farmers lost up to 50 to foxes, which were themselves short of food because of the deep drifts.

The Federation of Welsh Farmers’ Packs – a group representing huntsmen who shoot foxes under the current law – commissioned the study to assess whether lifting the limit on dogs would make a difference.

A team led by Dr Jeremy Naylor, a vet and racehorse trainer, spent four months comparing the effects of pairs of hounds and full pack at 80 sites in Scotland.

David Thomas, the federation’s secretary, said that while many still hoped for a full repeal, the amendment could ease pressure.

“We feel that this is something that could be very easily done,” he said.

“It is necessary for sheep farmers, it is not going to cost the Government or the country any money at all, it is just a win-win situation.”

Roger Williams, the Liberal Democrat MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, said: “This is a debate that must be had.

“I hope that they take it seriously … I have received letters from constituents and across Wales about this.”

Glyn Davis, the Tory MP for Montgomeryshire, and himself a former farmer, said: “Whether you are in favour of a ban on hunting or not, if you accept that you can have dogs to flush foxes out, to limit it to two has no logic.”

Kate Hoey, the Labour MP for Vauxhall in London, said: “I think what this deserves is a very sensible and dispassionate look at the research and for some way of being able to allow the extra number of hounds to be used.

“Unless you are someone who does not believe that a fox should ever be killed I cannot understand why in terms of welfare this is not something that could be supported by a broad range of opinion.”

Jonathan Edwards, of Plaid Cymru, said: “I am very much on the left of the political spectrum, I don’t see this as a left-right fight.

“We have a duty as politicians to have laws that work.

“It seems common sense to me that we would use best practice.

“We need a reasonable debate rather than reacting gung-ho.”

Derek Morgan, chairman of the Farmers’ Union of Wales’s hill farming committee, added: “The hunting ban was aimed at what Labour saw as posh people on horses, but the people who have suffered most are working class hill farmers whose incomes are already well below the UK average.

“If Government increased the number of hounds we are allowed to use it would significantly reduce the number of lambs we lose.

“It’s a small step the Government can take to show they really support hill farmers and it would not change the basic principles of the hunting act.”

A spokeswoman for Defra said: “We have been receiving reports on increased predation of lambs by foxes and the burden this has placed on hillfarmers in what has already been a tough year.

“We will look at all research into this with interest.”

A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said that while it would continue to campaign for a repeal, it understood the “urgent need for the only effective method of fox control in many upland areas to be reinstated.”

A spokeswoman for the League Against Cruel Sports said: “The Hunting Act is a successful piece of legislation and it works – ultimately we do not want to see it weakened.

“If the Farmers’ Union of Wales are supporting this do they not have anything better to do with their time?

“This would ultimately be changing the legislation quite considerably.”

East Kent Murder

Photo – MJ (SAV) – and East Kent Hunt Sabs.  The reality of the alleged ‘Quick Kill’.

cameron hunter

SAV Comment –  if the majority of UK public opinion is currently anything to go by, David Cameron and his pro-hunting chums will not win the next UK general election in 2015; we keep our fingers crossed.

Even a free vote by elected MP’s is on very thin ice to win anything which return to hunting.  We have had nearly 10 years of the law banning hound packs now and that is how the vast majority of people wish to see it remain – banned !

Badger comic