England: Badger Update – ? Now Badgers To Be Gassed ? – Pro Hunt Paterson and Cameron Go From ‘Farce’ To ‘Shambles’, To ‘Inept’, But Conveniently Stay As Multi Millionaires – “We are all in this together” – hmm !



Above – Owen Paterson and David Cameron – share your hard times with us multi-millionaires – we are all in this together !

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The Conservative Party / Owen Paterson fiasco on badgers just gets worse, even farcical,

by the day.

Today, 17/10/13, the ‘normal’ UK consumer, who under this government has had pay increases kept to normally ‘zero %’ over the last few years, has now been informed by two major gas and electricity suppliers (to the UK), that they are going to increase their costs to consumers by between 8% and around 10.2%.

The government, Mr Cameron’s and Paterson’s government, are doing nothing to stop this other than tell people to change their supplier; to another company who will no doubt in the next few weeks follow the first two and increase their costs also.

Devoid of any real steps to support his claims that badgers are spreading TB, – yes he is NOT even having those badgers killed in the cull TESTED to find out they even carry the disease !! – Owen Paterson is now considering the possibility of culling the badgers by gassing them.

Here is the word from the press on 11th October:

Paterson gas badgers


No doubt that Paterson will once again start blaming the badgers for ‘moving the goalpost’ rather than blame his own his farcical, inept, ludicrous government department for what is becoming all the more known ‘Badgershambles’ given to the British public each day.

But with the Conservative government allowing gas prices to increase so much without taking any real action to prevent the British public from being screwed by an additional £150 per year on their heating bills, taking the average to about £1,400 per year, the word from camp badger is:

 cambadger gas bills


 ‘We are all in this together’, so the Cameron led government keeps telling the UK public.

Well not quite really; we are not all multi millionaires as per the vast majority of Conservative government politicians who ‘lead’ the normal working man on the street.

Here is a typical profile of Mr Richard Benyon, just one of Cameron’s fellow Conservatives.

 Richard Benyon - typical Tory MP


Mr Benyon keeps 3 aircraft on his estate; just like we all do.

What is he worth ? – around £110 MILLION so we are informed.

He has a 20,000 acre estate on which he lives.

And yet, we are informed by Cameron that ‘we are all in this together’.

The question is, what plane do I take from my humble abode of 10,000 acres today to go shopping down the town ?

Multi millionaire Conservatives telling the normal man to just put up and shut up, because ‘he understands how people are feeling the pinch’ 

Oh yeah !; and pigs might fly !


Credit – http://www.flyingpigs.org.uk

Below – Badger hero Brian May

Brian May Badgers

Link to Brian May ‘Save Me’ – http://www.save-me.org.uk/

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