Serbia: Activists Now Press Charge on Ministry Regarding Blocking of ‘Jegmec’ Pond Fron ‘Tisa’ River – Thousands of Fish Are Dying.

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25/01/14 UPDATE

Please refer to the copies of the documentation shown below.

The Serbian republic inspection and also the Vojvodina inspectorate have now acted and demanded that the fishes that are still surviving must be moved to the Tisa river immediately.

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Whilst activists see this as some good news for the fishes that are still alive; they really feel that the actions are still not enough.

They feel that it should be demanded by the inspectorate that all the water in which the fish live should be kept at a good level fo cleanliness.  It should be declared that the persons who have caused this current terrible situation, with so many fish dying, must be made to pay for the water cleaning.  Part of the requirements also will be that a certain water level must be maintained at all times, and that oxygen must be continually provided to the fish in these areas to ensure their survival.   This can really be a natural process IF the water is kept at a good level and also very importantly, if the water is kept clean.

So at the moment a partial result; but activists still feel that not enough is being undertaken for the long term survival and upkeep of the facilities which have the fish.


Original Article:

Serbian activists have just taken action with the Ministry of Agriculture regarding farm animal welfare conditions – see:

Now they have yet another issue which they are attempting to get Ministry attention with.

Here again, activists have now undertaken a formal charge against the authorities.

It relates to a river, the ‘Tisa’, which is located in Northern Serbia.  The river is linked directly to a very large pond pool area which is known as the ‘Jegmec’.

There are many thousands of young and old fish in the Jegmec pool.  But very recently, loads of earth arrived in trucks and was dumped across the tributary which links the river Tisa to the Jegmec pool / pond.  Rather than be able to swim to the Tisa from the Jegmec; young fish are now unable to leave the pool as they are trapped there. 

Millions of young fish look as if they are going to die.  The weather is warm and the water level in the Jegmec is decreasing all the time.

The following are MUST WATCH videos shows the current situation: 

Additional still photographs of the same area are shown below:

 sl.1 (1)









The following message and video link has been sent to the following Serbian officials.

If you wish to add your voice, then please send your e mail to all of the following:

To: ; ; Inspekcija MPRRPP ; Jasmina Jovic inspekcija ; Tatjana Babic ; Inspekcija zivotne sredine Novi Sad, Pokr.sekretarijat ; pokr.sekr. ;

Cc: Kabinet MPRRPP ; Min. energetike, Z.Mihajlovic ; pokrajinski sekretarijat ; prirodni resursi, mprrpp ;

Ministarstvo prirodnih resursa, rudarstva i prostornog planiranja, Beograd

Omladinskih brigada 1, 11070 Beograd

~Odeljenje za zaštitu i održivo korišćenje ribljeg fonda, Načelnik Odeljenja Sonja Gašić,

Odsek za inspekcijski nadzor u oblasti korišćenja ribljeg fonda, Šef Odseka Vinko Bajkanović,

Odsek za inspekcijski nadzor u oblasti održivog korišćenja prirodnih bogatstava, Šef Odseka Vesna Mitrović,

Ministarstvo energetike razvoja i zaštite životne sredine, Beograd

  ~ Sektor za kontolu i nadzor ~ , Načelniku

 ~ Odeljenje za zaštitu životne sredine u oblasti zaštite i korišćenja prirodnih dobara

Pokrajinski sekretarijat za urbanizam, graditeljstvo i zastitu zivotne sredine, Novi Sad

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina br. 16 , 21000 Novi Sad

~ Sektor za inspekcijske poslove

~ Odeljenje za kontrolu zaštite prirode i ribljeg fonda

20.01.2014.  HITNA PRIJAVA, u Attachmentu, ugrožen je riblji fond na reci Tisi, u plodištu Jegmeč, rok za postupanje je ODMAH!!!!

Video snimak  koji pokazuje stanje na terenu je od 13.01.2014.god. i fotografije od 13.01.2014. i 19.01.2014. god.  u prilogu

We will bring you further updates when we see how this progresses.

SAV will now be presenting this information to the EU Enlargement and Environmental Commissions; requesting they act with the Serbian authorities.






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