Japan: Japanese Dolphin Slaughter and Amusement Park Captivity – The Cove – For The So-Called ‘Amusement’ of the Human Species Who Should Know Better Than to Watch Dolphins Doing Tricks at an Amusement Park !!!!


Japanese Dolphin Slaughter – The Cove

The CovePhoto – APF

SAV Comment 20/1/14Unconfirmed, but we are hearing that the mother of the very rare albino calf killed herself trying to protect her baby from being captured by the Japanese.  We assume that at the moment the baby calf is still alive and will no doubt be sold off to the Marine theme park which makes the biggest financial offer for it.  Boycott everything to do with these pathetic facilities of animal cruelty and abuse.  If people have to go to one of these places to be ‘entertained’, then they must lead very sad and depressing lives !and Japan; we HATE YOU.

(CNN) — More than 200 bottlenose dolphins spent a second day penned in a cove by Japanese fishermen, U.S. conservationists said Sunday, many of them stressed and bloodied from their attempts to escape.

The dolphins will spend a third night without food or rest in Taiji Cove before the fishermen likely start to slaughter them Monday for meat, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said.

Until now, the fishermen have focused on selecting dolphins to be sold into captivity at marine parks and aquariums in Japan and overseas, the conservation group said.

Twenty-five dolphins, including a rare albino calf, were taken on Saturday “to a lifetime of imprisonment,” and another 12 on Sunday, the group said. Two dolphins have died in the process.

Environmental activists have been monitoring activities in the cove in southwest Japan, which is a focal point of the Taiji community’s annual dolphin hunting season.

Although the hunting of dolphins is widely condemned in the west, Japanese defend the practice as a local custom — and say it is no different to the slaughter of other animals for meat.

Caroline Kennedy, the recently installed U.S. ambassador to Japan, tweeted that she is “deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing.”

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been live-streaming video of events in the cove and posting frequent updates on Twitter.

“Many of the 200+ Bottlenose dolphins who are in still the cove are visibly bloody & injured from their attempts to escape the killers,” one update Sunday said.

Another appealed for people to do their part to end the demand for dolphins captured from the wild.

“Dolphin slaughter in Taiji continues because of the captive trade. Please do not support aquariums & parks with marine mammals,” it said.

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England, UK: Live Animal Export Protest At Dover Grow Ever Stronger – People Are Disgusted By The Trade – Photographs and Video Links Below.


Dover, Kent, England.

The protests to stop live animal exports to mainland Europe continue to grow stronger all the time.  Here below are a few links to photographs and videos of the demonstrations in recent months.

The really good news is that after stopping all live exports for a period of no less than 6 weeks; the first shipment of 2014 took place on 10th January.  After a break of 6 weeks, a full consignment of livestock transporters was expected for this sailing.

In fact, only 2 livestock transporters arrived.  The vessel which carries them has a capacity of 7 or 8 transporters, so after 6 weeks, the vessel was operating at one quarter of its maximum capacity !

The protests will continue for however long it takes to stop the trade.  Protestors are growing in numbers for every sailing.  The entire export business through Dover is operated by a Dutchman.  The vehicles are Dutch and whole trade is of no benefit to the UK.  Animals are suffering big time on their shipments from the UK to Europe.  The vessel ‘Joline’ which carries the trucks sails between Dover UK and Calais, France.

ValCameron_230813_068Above – the ‘Joline’ leaves Dover harbour with livestock transporters.

Picture – Val Cameron – KAALE.

The last link below shows the two vehicles arriving for the last consignment on the night of 10th/11th January 2014.







ValCameron_230813_7403ValCameron_230813_7406ValCameron_230813_7396.jpgValCameron_230813_022ValCameron_230813_007ValCameron_230813_021Lon14B10B9(2)Copy of Lesley last 1

Above – this box  trailer is full of live sheep !! – Photo – VC

ValCameron43910-_080812 (1)vc1VC 005 rsgovernment_approved 2Joline Dover 19 March 2013VITA PhotoJoline with box wagon on boardAbove – the box trailer with live sheep on the ‘Joline’

VC15resizeVC14resizeValCameron141113_0129_20ValCameron141113_0024 _14ValCameron141113_7598 _2It Ain't Right - The Black Spurs