Serbia: ‘Tug o War’ Video Using Horses Requires Actions – Please e Mail Using Sample Letter Below.

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UPDATE 14/1/14 –

We first had this disgusting video footage sent to us this last weekend – now we have followed up urgently and we are pleased to say that:

The police of Valjevo city have now been following up this footage – as a result they have worked with the Public Attorney of Moinica City who gave an official report of the incident on National television on 10.1.2014.  We understand that all persons involved in this incident who undertook this animal abuse and caused suffering have now been arrested and will be charged under Article 269 of Serbian law for animals.  This has a maximum punishment of 3 years in jail.

Whilst we do not expect anyone to be sent to jail for 3 years, it is hoped by us and many others that the prompt action since the weekend will send a clear message to the communities that animal abuse will not be tolerated.  If Serbia wishes to join the EU as a member state, then it really / seriously needs to address the issue of working to the good animal welfare laws which it currently has in place; rather than keep ingoring them.  We have shown enough examples on this site where the laws are just ignored for the benefit of some, whilst the animals continue to suffer.

This is a start of actions which we very much hope will now continue.

Well done the Serbian campaigners who have worked so hard with us over the last few days to get a quick and positive result.  They know who they are.


On 12/1/14 we have been provided with the following very disturbing abuse of horses in a kind of ‘tug o war’ type event. 

You can see the video here: (note you may need to copy and watch on Google; or try the video link in the Sample Letter below)


Video link: 

At first we were unsure what country this event had taken place in.  We consequently made contact with Serbian activists.

With their very valuable help we have now identified that this abuse of horses is taking place in Serbia; at a village known as Milavac.  


And also 

Milavac is a village situated in Ljig municipality in Serbia.

Serbian activists are now making a written charge to both the Ministry of Agriculture and also to the Ministry of Internal Policing.

This crime showing clear abuse of animals is punishable by Article 269 of the Criminal Code of Serbia.  Proof of this video has now been made as evidence of the crime, so that it can be presented to the police.  Without a hard copy of the evidence the police will dismiss this crime; and so we have to copy in onto a reliable database for safe keeping and future evidence.  If a record is not kept, the police will ignore and dismiss the evidence presented – thus the abuse will be un-recorded and the police will take no further action to investigate and punish those undertaking this abuse.

The Chief Veterinary Inspector for Valjevo city, Kolubara region; the area of Serbia where this has happened, is Mrs Slavica Sreckovi



The e mail address of the Serbian police is,


The Director of the Serbian police is Mr. Milorad Veljovic


This information is only now being posted onto this SAV site, once copies of the video have been made – now we have clear evidence of the abuses that the authorities and the police cannot ignore.  This evidence is being presented to them in the form of a charge, asking them to take action.

We hope to be able to give you an update on the situation in the future.

We request that you all write a few lines expressing your disgust at this video, and demand that the police and the authorities take action.

You can write your own e mail, or alternatively, copy and send the following short sample letter:

Send to:



Dear ladies and gents of the Serbian police and government authorities;

I write regarding the following video which I am informed was filmed in Milavac village, Serbia.


Video link: 


I now request that you undertake full investigative action to ensure that all those involved in this clear abuse of animals are prosecuted under Article 269 of the Criminal Code of Serbia.

This type of animal abuse does not do your nation any good regarding its global audience.  You need to act and act now to ensure this does not happen again in future.  This is also not a good advertisement for Serbia and its wish to become a future member of the EU.

I may consider that is necessary to provide this video footage to the EU Parliament / Commission for their review.

Pending this; I ask once again that you act to prevent this kind of event ever taking place again in the future.  Today in the 21st Century, Europe must grow up and ensure that animal abuse becomes a thing of the past.  If it happens now, then you should be taking action to ensure that it does not happen in the future.

Thank You;

Yours truly,


YOUR Name and nationality.