EoA (NL) Reports of December 2013 Inspections At Turkish Slaughterhouses. Also Links to Campaign For ALL EU Slaughterhoses To Ensure CCTV Is Installed. Petition Links Included for this also.

Slaughterhouse petition

During December 2013, our very good friend and investigator, Lesley, founder of ‘Eyes on Animals’ in the Netherlands visited several Turkish slaughterhouses  – 


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The following are words written directly by Lesley:

Dear EU officials, CVO´s and Member State authorities, highway police and fellow NGO´s,

In June 2013 Eyes on Animals and Animal Welfare Foundation sent a team to check on some of the slaughterhosues where many of the EU animals being exported by the EU had been previously slaughtered.

We are only sending our reports out now to all of you, as up until now we wanted to give the slaughterhouses and Turkish CVO some time to react and make improvements, before going public with them.

We have just now come back from a second inspection in Turkey to re-visit these three plants and also check on new ones. Some minor improvements were made but welfare problems remain very serious.
Hopeful news is that the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture has a team drafting welfare legislation at the time of slaughter- which may come into existence in about 2 years. In the meantime we are trying to advise the slaughterhouses on how they could reduce suffering and are in communication with authority in Turkey about our observations.

For now, here are our reports from June. In early 2014 we will send you reports of other slaughterhouses we visited in December 2013.

Best wishes,

Lesley Moffat, MSc Ethology
Eyes on Animals
Director and inspector

In addition, we are supplying copies of three (3) reports which have been produced by EoA post their December 2013 visit to Turkey.  Access these by clicking on each of the following links:

 SL-Bursa-12 06 2013_TR_Final_EN

SL-Hadimkoy_-10 06 2013_TR_Final_EN

2013.06.14_TR_SL Gonen_EN

Turkey is not currently a member state of the EU.  Regardless, we are attempting to ensure that animals at Turkish slaughterhouses are treated with the utmost respect.  Turkey aims to join the EU in future, and so it is our aim that by the time it becomes a member state, Turkey will have to install and operate CCTV in all of its slaughterhouses, as we hope will be the situation throughout Europe and all EU member states.

This directly links in with our campaign which is now underway to try and ensure that CCTV is fitted in the future to ALL slaughterhouses within EU nations.

You can read more about this, and support the petitions by clicking on the following link:


Here are further links which provide more information:

Europewide CCTV in all Slaughterhouses 


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Please note that we are in the process of updating this continually to meet the demands of other nations.  At this very moment, we are having the petition translated into Serbian so that Serbia (another NON EU member state at present); can be worked on to ensure that CCTV will be installed in all their slaughterhouses before they become EU members.

It will not be a quick or easy campaign; but we are determined to ensure that CCTV in all EU slaughterhouses happens in the future.