Serbia: Helping Ex Dancing Bears In Serbia – Many Links – Please View.

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Do you want to help Bears ? – ex dancing bears; circus bears etc ?

Sure you do; we at SAV have just linked up with Lynn to start what will hopefully be some positive actions for bears in the Balkans.

Here are a couple of direct links to Lynn’s site / information:

We strongly suggest you visit the Facebook site link above for some fantastic bear news, what you can do if you come across some suffering bears whilst you are on holiday or visiting somewhere etc:


We provided Lynn with links to ARKA, and our friends Branka and Pavel who do some great work for Balkans (ex dancing) bears:

ARKA Contact –

Watch the Youtube article on the ARKA bears here:

Check out this BBC tv article on ARKA bears:

Being a ‘bear person’, Lynn informs that she knows about the great work being done at ARKA, through contacts in the Netherlands who helped to provide veterinary care for their bear ‘Elvis’. 

Lynn also informs us that she hopes to be able to do a feature on the work being done for bears within Serbia on her own site, and hopefully via other contacts, bigger publicity for ARKA and their great bear work can be provided in the near future.

The following link provides information on the great work being undertaken by Branka and Pavel re dancing bears in Serbia:  

On the following link you can see one of our old SAV posts associated with the ARKA bears:

Finally, the following link provides information relating to the many animal welfare groups and organisations in Serbia:

Of course, there is also our own SAV Facebook page which can be accessed as follows; this is very much a site for local animal welfare and shelters within Serbia who request help and support for their specific issues.  You can link up and ask to become a member/supporter: