Serbia: Petitions To Sign Re Death Camps for Stray Dogs.

Serbian  Flag

Please sign and forward to all Your contacts : these two petitions for elimination Death Camps for stray dogs/cats in Serbia under false name: city shelters and for promotion law demands : responsible owneship ,control of dogs/cats reproduction and for rehoming those who was unwanted by former owners .Subotica is only one exampler, the same way is used in all 170 serbian cities .


All over Serbia egzist city shelters- Death Camps , although that is unlawful way, veterinary inspections tolerate this way – CORRUPTION is here :


petition pic

EPAR /Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi
24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9

Budi vegan-spasi sebe i Planetu









3 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

  2. please treat those lovely creatures with much more respect. You can trust these dogs better then you people! your are such corrupt people. it is a big shame.

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