USA: MFA Exposes MFA Exposes Criminal Animal Abuse at Perdue Farms.


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MFA Exposes MFA Exposes Criminal Animal Abuse at Perdue Farms


The following is a copy of the letter sent by Nathan.  Please make sure you watch the video (even only once – which shows all the animal abuses) and then please sign the petition – thank you – after all the different expose work undertaken by MFA at different animal facilities; if people still want to eat meat then there is no real answers for them – this is all just clear animal abuse which goes completely against the ‘animal welfare’ crap which these places put out to their customers. 

Watch the video  and see the realities ! – thanks, SAV.

Dear Mark,

The images are heartbreaking, and stomach-turning. A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation into Perdue Farms has uncovered disturbing cruelty to animals, including a worker stomping chickens to death, and violently kicking birds and throwing them against walls. Our hidden camera also exposed thousands of chickens crammed into windowless sheds forced to live in their own waste and toxic ammonia fumes.

Bred to put on weight faster than their bodies can withstand, most of the birds have problems walking and many succumb to heart attacks. Before going to slaughter, they are grabbed by their legs and violently thrown into crates, suffering broken bones and other injuries. As a result of MFA’s breaking investigation, a Perdue Farms worker has just been arrested and charged with four felony counts of criminal cruelty to animals. This is a historic and groundbreaking legal move on behalf of birds raised for meat.



But we won’t stop there. Now we’re calling on Perdue—one of the largest poultry producers in the country—to stop paying lip service to animal welfare and implement meaningful policies and oversight at its facilities to end the worst forms of animal abuse.

Please, take a moment to sign our petition calling on Perdue to stop torturing chickens. Then please share the hidden-camera video with friends and encourage them to take action too.

And remember, each of us can vote for a kinder world every time we sit down to eat by choosing humane vegan alternatives to chicken and other animal products.


Nathan Runkle President.



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