Romanian Sheep Exports – Kuwait Arrival Now Dealayed to 2/8/19. Almost 2 Weeks Later the Scheduled.

Romanian Sheep shipping news – 20/7/19.

Date – 20/7/19 – 10-25hrs GMT


See video and more at

According to all the information over the past week, the Al Shuwaikh which has been sailing from Romania to Kuwait with 70,000 live sheep, should have arrived at its destination in the early hours of this morning.

Instead, from information we have obtained, the vessel is still only just half way down the Red Sea; and now the expected arrival date (ETA) has changed to 2/8/19; which is nearly another 2 weeks away !


We are trying to find out if this vessel has had any issues which have delayed it (it is well known for past problems at sea); and we will publish these if we find out.#

God knows what the conditions are like on board for the animals; now that the journey appears to be destined to take more than twice its scheduled sailing time.

Obviously the Romanian government does not care about the suffering of animals; as it ignored the requests from the EU and other authorities to stop the sailing before it even commenced. This is Romania, an EU member state which does not comply with EU legislation, and which certainly does not give a toss about the suffering of animals; as we have seen for years regarding their approach to stray dog control.


This sailing is just one of many that are carrying livestock all over the world by sea. We wanted to follow this, giving you reports each day so that you can get a feel for the suffering the animals on board will be suffering. Now it appears that these poor Romanian sheep have over another week at sea before they reach their destination in Kuwait; only then to be greeted by ritual slaughter under the name of Eid.


Red Sea temperatures on 20/7 are between 38 and 43 degrees.

In Kuwait port today the temperature is 40 degrees.

EU Regulations (1/2005) for animals in transport, say that animals must not be transported in temperatures above 30 degrees.




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