Serbia: ‘Lesi’ The Blind Dog Rescued From the Streets Near Belgrade Needs An Eye Operation – Can You Help ?

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Above – ‘Lesi’ – blind and alone on the streets.


Then a savior turns up to help.


A visit to the veterinarian

Lesi; the blind, abandoned dog needs an eye operation.  Please help if you are able.

Donate to help Lesi at   


Photos of rescue :


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Lesi is a blind dog who lived for a long time at the market in a village Vinca, near Belgrade.
We don’t know how he lived in the street, but we were told that he is disorientated, has a problem with walking because he runs into objects, he isn’t able to avoid the cars when he gets out on the way and that his entire situation is very critical.

One more time we were not able to turn our head of him, and we gone to Belgrade to pick up and bring him to Novi Sad.

He is a wonderful big dog of 42 kg in a breed type of German Shepherd and something else. He is 5 years old and a huge cuddly dog, but scared, uncertain and quite a bit distrustful. But due the fact that he is completely blind, and who knows what he is experienced by human hands he is a super calm boy.

We were taking him to the several veterinarian for medical overview and opinions.
The ophthalmologist told us very bad news. Lesi lost his left eye. He suggested to do the surgery of right eye, but he can not guarantee that it will restore eyesight. The problem appeared due to untreated infection.
As the first aid he got the Tobrex drops, but we didn’t buy its because we don’t have enough money.
At our vet Ana in Novi Sad is done blood tests because we wanted to do a complete blood count and determine the sugar level in the blood. He, also, was full of fleas and ticks, and now his skin is full of fungus. Ana cleaned his ears, he got Mikoseb pills and vaccines against infectious diseases.
When we get the blood tests we will see what we should do.

Lesi has a chip, but the owner reported competent authorities that the Lesi has, allegedly, escaped in 2012 and from that day he no longer has a responsibility to Lesi. Did he really lost or just abandoned from his owner and left somewhere, we will never find out. We contacted the owner, but he no longer wants Lesi, and this is the saddest part of the Lesi story.

Initial costs:
Ophthalmic examination at the Vet. ambulance Oasis in Belgrade – 22 euros
Clinical examination at the House vet in Belgrade – for free
Blood tests, Mikoseb pills, vaccines against infectious diseases, ear cleaning at the Vet. ambulance Dog house in Novi Sad – 44 euros
Dog kennels for one month – 40 euros
Food for one month – 25 euros
Advantix ampules against ticks, fleas and mosquitoes – 14 euros
Tobrex drops – 15 euros
Upcoming costs:
Neuter – 22 euros
Dog kennels for the coming months
Food for the coming months
Possible eye surgery – about 500 euros

Special thanks go to the beautiful lady, Dessa Ilic, without whom all those things we wouldn’t do. You are our angel, dear Dessa.

063/8251319 – Mirjana Kolarović
064/0777707 – Tanja Janjić
064/2051685 – Jasna Panić
063/8787830 – Silvija Petak Stražmešter

RSD acount:
265-0000000910081-23 Raiffeisen banka a.d. Mirjana Kolarović
(With mark: For Lesi)


Foreign currency account:









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