Serbia: Please Help ‘Nera’ – Only 32 Euros Required To Save Her Going Back On The Streets.

Serbian  Flag


Nera 3

Nera 2



Donate funds at:

Only 32 Euros required to keep Nera ok – but additional funds / donations always welcome.

Only 6 days left to raise money for Nera.Can someone help?Please,we still need help for Nera,street dog from Serbia,can someone help?Even the smallest donation will mean a lot to us and will be appreciated.Thank you.


Nera must pay her vet bills or be put back on the streets!

Nera is recovering well from all her surgery. But there are huge vet bills waiting to be paid! Although not fully recovered, she risks going back on the street if her vet bills are not paid in full.

She was hit by a car, she suffered an open fracture and went to surgery; she also had torn ligaments, but the trouble didn’t end there. She still had a fever and started to pee blood; she had a tickborne disease, and her breath was short. The ultrasound revealed she had a torn diaphragm, so she had to undergo surgery again, and it got worse:- part of her liver had to be removed too. 

Now the rod from her leg (see photo of X ray) has been removed, we still owe  money for the second operation and €70 for the third operation with the X-ray scan.
Daycare costs €70 euros plus food for every month.

Even the smallest donation will mean a lot to us and will be appreciated.
When donating through this page, if you choose Paypal, please when you get through to the PayPal page, please remember to click on “add a memo” under “Additional information” and put “For Nera” just before you click to finish payment.

Thank you. 

See more at:




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