Serbia: Please Ensure You Sign The Petition Now Asking the Mayor of Subotica City To Cancel The Memorandum Regarding Animal Treatment – Petition Link Given – Please Crosspost.


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Subotica petition


Dear all;

We ask you please to give your full support to the work being undertaken in Subotica by NGO’s to help solve the problem of un-sterilised owned and stray dogs.

As we always say, sterilization and identification marking of stray animals is the first step to long term numbers reduction.  Just as important is public education – that owned dogs need to be sterilized by their owners, and they should not turn unsterilized animals out onto the streets every day to reproduce with non sterilized stray / street animals.

It would take little to introduce a public education programme showing that owned animal sterilisation is so important to te long term reduction of stray animals on the streets – animals which suffer terribly.

Please give your support to the following campaign – the petition can be found below.

Thank you – SAV.


Hi! Could you please sign/share/forward this petition: 

On July 3,2014. a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation was signed between the city of Subotica and NGO “Anima Subotica” about solving the problem of stray dogs on the streets of this city. On this occasion, the Association for the Protection of Animals “Pets Are Worth Saving”, “EPAR – OIPA SERBIA / Alliance for the Conservation of Nature, animal rights and the rights of the people, and the Society for the Protection of Animals, “Alex”, Asylum Alex sent an open letter to the mayor of Subotica, the Minister of agriculture RS, Director of veterinary directorate, veterinary inspection and the general public pointing out certain shortcomings and incompleteness of this Memorandum which only seemingly solves the problem of stray dogs, without concluding and providing concrete ways for the long-term solution and elimination of the real source of stray dogs and cats.

We hereby request the cancellation of this Memorandum making it an illegal act because it allows the continuance of irresponsible owners and keepers of pets and illegal treatment of animals and public money.



Our request for cancellation of the Memorandum was on the news today. July 14, 2014 – Radio Subotica –


SOCIETIES FOR THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS REQUEST CANCELLATION OF MEMORANDUM Association for the Protection of Animals “Pets Are Worth Saving”, EPAR Serbia, Alex and injured party citizens sent an open letter and the public request for the cancellation of the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between the City of Subotica and the Association of Citizens “Anima Subotica”. The request states that the Memorandum is considered incomplete and they demand its cancellation, because it allows the survival of irresponsible pet owners.

“Anima Subotica” did not want to comment on the negative reactions of these associations, because they believe they work for the benefit of animals, they treat every animal taken off the streets, sterilize and manage to find a home for it and do not return it back to the street. They consider asylums or shelters are not a solution, but only sterilization, education, responsible ownership, punishing irresponsible owners, as well as mandatory micro-chipping.

———————————————————- ———————————————————-

If they consider asylums or shelters are not solutions then why did they sign the Memorandum whose Clause 5 states “building shelters and improving conditions in existing shelters”?
The same Clause states “killing dogs in a humane way in accordance with the law”. We all know how public shelters kill their dogs in Serbia. We’ve seen lots of horror photos and we definitely wouldn’t sign that Memorandum. Would you?

Also there is nowhere to be found in Memorandum any word of punishing the irresponsible owners. That is why we are calling this Memorandum incomplete. Some parts are missing and some Don’t Benefit Animals At All!!

We Are Requesting Its Cancellation Now!!

Please continue to Sign and Share this petition. Thank you!! ~ Pets Are Worth Saving

Petition link:

On July 13 EPAR asked the Mayor what he has done on this issue. July 17, 2014

Dear supporters,

Thank you all very much for signing this petition and giving your support to stray animals on the streets of Subotica.

On July 13 EPAR / Alliance for the Conservation of nature, animal rights and the rights of people sent a request to the Mayor asking him for a copy of the document to see what he has done on our request for the cancellation of the illegal Memorandum signed on July 3rd since we know there are no initial conditions for the fulfillment of this Act for the following reasons:

1. There is no legal asylum in the city Subotica which could shelter 900 animals abandoned on the streets EVERY YEAR by the irresponsible owners.

2. Euthanasia of the healthy pets as a measure to reduce the number of stray animal population is prohibited by Law and is punishable by up to three years in prison.

3. Without legal asylum in Subotica, transportation of captured dogs to other cities across Serbia is inconsistent with Law because other municipalities have the same problem with abandoned animals and irresponsible owners.

4. Re-homing of animals can not reduce the No. of stray cats and dogs because the rhythm of new abandoned animals far outweighs the rhythm of re-homed ones. By signing this Memorandum Mayor gave support to the illegal treatment of abandoned pets in Subotica and to the public money which will be used to carry out the illegal process at the expense of citizens and animals, but for the benefit of a small group of people.

** So far, the Mayor has not responded  

Please continue to sign and share this petition far and wide, through all social networks you use (FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc).

Thank you!

Petition link:

– Thanks












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