England Time Out – 5 Minutes In the Garden.




Hi all;

here are a few pictures from my garden taken on 28/7/14.  Enjoy – Mark.

IMGP0924 resize jpg

IMGP0925 resize

IMGP0927 resize

IMGP0928 resize

I grew the Hibiscus (3 photos below) from a tiny seed about 11 years ago – I selected because it is animal rights purple / violet; and was grown in memory of all the innocents who have died worldwide at the hands of man.

It is now about 1.5 metres high x the same width – a beautiful plant in memory of the animals


IMGP0930 resize

IMGP0933 resize

IMGP0936 resize

IMGP0941 resize

IMGP0942 resize

IMGP0946 resize

IMGP0950 resize


IMGP0951 resize

  1. IMGP0952 resize

IMGP0939 resize



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