Serbia: 4/9/14 – Latest Pictures of ‘Nani’ Visited Today By Mrs. Mitic.

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Climate Mobilisation – Please Sign the Petition and Add Your Voice.

Avaaz petition

Photo – AVAAZ Petition.

Dear friends,

I can sincerely say this is the most important petition we’ve ever done.

Sorry for the language, but one top scientist just warned that we are all “f*cked” if global warming releases gigantic amounts of methane gas from the arctic tundra. The UN knows this, and is bringing world leaders to New York for an emergency summit.

Hundreds of thousands of us will take to the streets for the People’s Climate March just before the summit. Let’s make sure that on that day we deliver the largest Avaaz petition ever, for the only solution: mobilize the world to shift to 100% clean energy. Add your voice, and forward this widely:

Petition Link –

Whether it’s the ‘arctic methane bomb’, the rapid acidification of our oceans, or apocalyptic flooding, climate change is the biggest threat humanity is facing, and we need the biggest petition ever to meet it. The number of us who sign will be read out to all leaders at the summit, published in hundreds of media articles, and be delivered by our marches worldwide.

100% clean energy is a realistic goal. Already, 20% of the world’s electricity comes from clean energy, and solar power is cheaper than coal in many countries! We just need to put our foot on the accelerator.

We’re gearing up for the largest climate mobilization in history on September 21. Already hundreds of events are organized and hundreds of thousands of people signed up. But the events are designed to deliver a petition. Let’s make it the largest petition ever.

Petition Link –

We’re all different, and beautifully diverse. But whoever and wherever we are, climate change threatens everything we love, and brings all of us together. Let’s come together now.

With hope,

Danny, Lisa, Judy, Ricken, Alex, Iain, and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS – Every signature really does count!


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