Serbia: ‘Nani’ Deer 25/9/14. Legal Action Now Being Considered. EU Animal Welfare Intergroup Informed of Situation and Serbia’s Failures To Implement National Legislation.

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The situation now is that Mrs.Dragana Mitic has deep depression because she is  very worried about the eventual fate of Nani deer.

Mrs. Mitic has seen a psychiatric medical doctor several times; and you can see the documentation associated with this below.

Because the Hunting Society `HajdukVeljko` kidnapped Nani deer in direct opposition to existing laws, and affected the health of Mrs. Mitic as a result; it is possible that she will now undertake a private charge.

We fully support this and are also currently seeking advice on how we can also undertake a possible charge against the Serbian authorities and ministers who are failing to make a decision on Nani.

We have already provided the evidence to the European Parliament and also to the Vice President of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup.

European Press and Media are currently on standby to be informed of the situation regarding Nani and the delay in decision making by the Serbian government / ministers.  All of out SAV posts will be provided to the EU press if necessary within a few days if Nani is not released and returned to Mrs. Mitic.

This current situation of Nani being held captive whilst the Serbian government turns an inactive blind eye to the situation cannot continue for much longer.


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