Serbia: It’s not just about humanity HERE, THERE IS NO trace of it HERE.

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It’s not just about humanity HERE, THERE IS NO trace of it HERE.

In this case the police and hunting associations and inspection services, and the Minister of Agriculture herself violated the laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and nobody cares.

Fraudulently and with threats they kidnapped the fawn from his foster mom who properly filed a Request under the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law.

Is this normal?

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This is the fifth fawn confiscated this spring. They held tame fawns in an illegal object, as well as Milos, the roebuck and Susanna, the doe – no sign of any of them.

What kind of government it is that can tolerate this?

Without the analysis of the telephone listings by the Division of Internal Control, Ministry of Internal Affairs accepted the defense of policeman who said that he accidentally happened to be there. Well if he was there by accident, he should not have done anything except to say “good day”. Yet he threatened with criminal charges of 200,000 RSD and a court warrant to search the house if they don’t surrender the fawn to hunters in thirty minutes.

Is that in accordance with the Police Law and the Code of Police?

Hunting inspection is not in charge / responsible for that, yet they acted unlawfully.

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Republic Veterinary Inspection is in charge but they denied their responsibility and acted only on 8/26/14 after all the urgencies and the phone calls at our expense. Even THEN they impudently and illegally ignored the fact that Dragana Mitic filed a Request under the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law to the Ministry of Agriculture and at the hands of the Minister.

Rep. Vet. Inspection did not comply with Article 79, but it had a legal duty to do so.

What do we need inspectors for who either don’t know the laws or are corrupted?

What do we need a Minister for who is silent longer than she is supposed to be and yet we will have to go to Strasbourg to demand human rights if she remains silent and even makes a mistake.

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Nani, the fawn is owned by Dragana Mitic. She received him when he weighted less than 500 grams in a coma. She submitted to the Minister the proof of the fawn origin. He was loved and well looked after, otherwise he wouldn’t survive.

Legality is what we insist on!

There is no trace of the humanity here. We don’t count on humanity here.

Mrs. Minister – act, do not be silent and do not act wrongly.

Fawn’s biological mother is not here because it was killed by hunters who have now confiscated the baby deer, using threats and double-dealing, with the intention to eat him as well as they ate the roebuck Milos. They carried him out and shot him at the pheasant farm’s gate.

And for the others we will see where they are.

It is time for the intervention of the Prime Minister.

Thank you.

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SAV comment – the above post is now being sent to the European parliament to inform them that as a potential future member state of the EU; Serbia is NOT enforcing its own existing national laws – a fundamental requirement of proof for any state seeking future accession to the EU.

We will inform EU politicians that Serbia is NOT enforcing its own national laws; and as such, this should be considered strongly for future EU membership application by the Serbian authorities.