Serbia: Introducing ‘Morgan’ – can you help with his veterinary support ?

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‘Morgan’ (Ginger) meets ‘Shadow’ (Black – see other other posts on Shadow)

We’ve just gotten another kitten, a sweet tripod ginger and white little boy which is totally blind in one eye and his other eye is not in good shape either.

He might be about three months old and is skinny and weak, so the vet advised me (after a thorough examination) to feed him a high quality kitten food, give him vitamins and antibiotics and bring him back for a checkup in a week. As soon as he gains some weight and starts feeling better, we’ll decide about his future operations.

His left rear lower leg has obviously been amputated, but we don’t know why or when. The bigger problem is that the surgery was performed badly and un skilfully, his leg was cut in the totally wrong place and his stump has basically had the skin sewn shut over the bone. What’s even worse, he leans on that leg as he walks and I fear the bone will protrude through the skin when he gets bigger and heavier and the bone itself might break longitudinally under the burden of his weight, just like one of Milance’s legs did.

In order to save him from a sad and dreadful fate, the vet will either have to make him some kind of a prosthesis or amputate his entire leg. Enucleation of his left eye which probably leaked out because of an untreated chlamydia infection will have to be done, and it’s possible the same surgery will be necessary for the other eye as well.

But everything in its own time – for now, he’s eating, sleeping, cuddling and getting to know his new friends. We’ve decided to call him Morgan. 

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