Australia: Victory (9/14) ! – McDonald’s agrees to dump cage eggs!



macaus dump batt eggs


Mark — YOU DID IT! McDonald’s agrees to dump cage eggs!

When I wrote to you last week there was no end in sight for the battery hens whose ‘job’ it is to lay eggs for Australia’s biggest fast food giant.

Today, there is hope. This David and Goliath battle is over. And Mark, we won.

Under mounting public pressure and staring down the barrel of our national TV campaign, McDonald’s has announced a landmark commitment to take cage eggs off their menu!

This decision by the fast food giant to actively phase out their use of cage eggs will not only spare millions of hens from a miserable ‘life’ in a battery cage, it takes us another step closer to the day when this dreadful device ceases to exist in Australia.

But McDonald’s is just the beginning.

More fast food chains will now be under increased pressure to abandon their support of cruel factory farming industries. Which means for every hen going to sleep in a battery cage tonight — for every mother pig confined so tightly she cannot even turn around — for every chicken who has been bred to grow so quickly that he cannot even stand — hope for a kinder world is in sight.

McDonald’s big shift is the latest in a string of milestones that all point to one thing: with your help we are winning the fight against factory farming.

What you may not know is that all of these efforts have been underpinned by an extraordinary and committed group of individuals who make up the Make it Possible Fighting Fund. Their regular monthly donations sustain our investigations and public awareness initiatives. They are the reason that Animals Australia’s most ambitious campaign of all — Make it Possible — continues to reach one million people every single day with the truth about factory farming.

With your generous support we’ll no longer be imagining a world without factory farming. We’ll be living in it.

Lyn White AM
Campaign Director

Thank you for all you do for animals,

P.S. As someone who cares about giving animals a life worth living, I wanted to ensure you had a copy of our no-nonsense egg-labelling guide.

I find this is the perfect guide to print out and share with caring friends!