Serbia: Felix Shelter Photographs 15/2/15.

Serbian  Flag



beauty at its best feb 15

Above – Beauty at its best !

fiona feb 15

Above – Fiona’s doing great, even though she’s a tripod kitty now! 🙂

A huge thank you to all of you who contributed towards the costs of her surgery and post operative care, thus enabling this beautiful girl to enjoy life again!

climber coming down feb 15

Above – One of the climbers coming down

meditating on the roof feb 15

Above – Meditating on the roof

just a little stretching feb 15

Above – Just a little stretching !






15/2/15 – Petitions and More From Paola – Lots To Review and Sign If You Wish.

With thanks to SAV Team Member ‘Paola’ – check out her endless work at:

Legal Action 4 Animal Rights:

Care for Chinese Animals:

Victories for the Animals:


Petitions and More 

petit1  Vatican, stop the use of Ivory and Fur for ‘religious’ reasons, act according to the Washington Convention! Needs more signatures The bloody dolphin-hunt in Taiji, Japan is back in full swing. Japan, are you proud of this?;jsessionid=A3EBD278B2011B755FA576FEE2672FE7.app203b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=2719 Congress, stand up for Wolves! US-info Let’s get to 70 000! Have a Heart, Send Bamboo and Chai to a Sanctuary! US-info signatures! As well! End non-stun slaughter to promote animal welfare! Needs 100 000 signatures, UK: yes, ZIP’s  E17 5AR , E9 7EF , E8 2HP , E8 2JQ,  SE5 9QB, Country UK. Confirm! Minister Molewa, please be there for the rhino! Once more High Comm. mr. Carlos dos Santos, deal with your poachers! As well Ramon Jimenez Jr, the dog meat trade embarrasses your country! Also The Animals at Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia, are living in a Nightmare!  Spain, Murcia, Justice for this neglected, abused dog, thrown from the balcony! Target… Turkey, an end to this treatment of stray dogs/dogfighting! Interpol HQ, please take reports about animal abuse seriously and investigate Target…. Justice for Echo, the Slain Grand Canyon Wolf!  Ex-Im: Stop Financing the Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef

                 ==========    News and more   =========  Istanbul, Turkey, concentration camp for stray dogs, the hidden agenda Colombia Montana, protesting slaughter of Yellowstone bison New Mexico, now heading to the House of Representatives! One Green Planet