China: Petition – Urge the Chinese Government to ban the import wild-caught live baby elephants.





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Urge the Chinese Government to ban the import wild-caught live baby elephants.

Keep baby elephants in the wild!

African elephant poaching has reached crisis level with about 100 African elephants poached every day for their ivory.

In the midst of this crisis, Zimbabwe is exporting dozens of baby elephants to China for $60,000 each, while claiming overpopulation as the motivation for export. Three out of four elephant calves exported from Zimbabwe to China in 2012 have since died, and the same fate most likely awaits this new round of calves destined to live out their lives in solitary confinement as show animals or zoo attractions.

Join us in urging the Chinese Government to implement a complete ban on imports of wild-caught live elephants to end this cruel trade once and for all.

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USA: 12/2/15 – Sad, Sad Day – (Today), Bill Would End Protection for 4,000 Wolves in 4 States.



Reproduced in full from the ‘Center for Biological Diversity’ / ‘Endangered Earth Online’

Bill Would End Protection for 4,000 Wolves in 4 States

A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives this morning would strip Endangered Species Act protections from 4,000 gray wolves in four states and open them up to more hunting and trapping. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ended protections for wolves in the Great Lakes a few years ago — and more than 1,600 wolves died as a result.

Federal judges later overturned the decisions to remove protections, but the new legislation would override those court orders and again put the fate of wolves in Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan in the hands of state wildlife agencies eager to resume their wolf-killing.

“This is an ugly political ploy that will end with a lot of dead wolves and do serious damage to one of the most important endangered species success stories in America’s history,” said the Center’s Brett Hartl. “This bill will subject some of the last remaining wolves in the lower 48 to state-sanctioned hunting and trapping seasons designed to drastically reduce populations.”

Read more in our press release and consider donating to our Wolf Defense Fund.

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England: When Mick Met Keith …


Well finally; and much too late in my own opinion; Platform No. 2 at Dartford station, Kent, South East England; has finally erected a plaque in memory of the place where one Mick Jagger met with a young Keith Richards on October 17th 1961 – and a friendship which went on to become known throughout the world as the ‘Rolling Stones’.

SAV founder Mark is also a born and bred Kent – Dartford lad; having been born in the outskirts of the Borough.

Here is the article from the local newspaper – the KM Extra, dated 10th February 2015, showing the sign which now stands on the station platform, and also a close up of the wording.

stones 1_NEW

stones 2_NEW

Dartford has the ‘Mick Jagger Centre’  which was named in tribute to Mick and which hosts a huge amount of musical guests.

Location – Dartford is in the County of ‘Kent’, which is South East of London.  The station is a regular for all Kent commuters heading into London for work each day.

See more of wonderful, historic Kent, known nationally as the ‘Garden of England’ because of all the superb fruit it produces, at:….0…1ac.1.30.img..0.12.621.2HMLYuXgprU .






The Video China Does Not Want You To See.

free tibet 3

free tibet banner

The Chinese authorities don’t want this video to be seen – they have confiscated mobile phones from those filming protests in Yushu. But one Tibetan has managed to smuggle this out.

Tibetans whose houses were destroyed by a major 2010 earthquake have been ordered to pay the authorities for reconstruction, despite funds coming from international donations.

Police have flooded the area, eight Tibetans have been arrested and others threatened if they fail to pay.

free tibet Tsepak

Protests over land rights and the environment are growing in Tibet.

Tsepak and Jigshi Kyab (pictured above) have been arrested after protesting land confiscations, after the local authorities broke promises to resolve their grievances.

They held banners saying “We will protect our land even at the cost of our lives”.

This month a new report from our research partner Tibet Watch highlighted the authorities’ repressive and often violent response to environmental protests in recent years.

You can read it here

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Canada: Takes No Action Against The Logging Industry; Instead Blames and Kills The Wolves !! Summary – Logging Makes Money – Wolves Do Not.


SAV Comment:

Obviously money is more important than anything else – so they think – bugger wildlife and the beauty it brings – Kill, kill, kill – we are humans after all !!

Here we go again – not being happy at slaughtering seals every year, Canada is now adding wolf slaughter to its cv.

Keep howling and sign the petition please.  Make the government act for once against the real abusers – the logging industry.


Petition Link:

The government is killing wolves again, supposedly in the name of conservation. This brutal slaughter has been going on for years – more than 1,000 wolves in Alberta have already been shot, poisoned or strangled.

Act now to stop this inhumane wolf cull – sign the Care2 petition to government officials today!

The government says that the killings are necessary to save woodland caribou. But in fact, caribou are endangered because industrial logging and oil and gas development has destroyed their habitat.

Rather than fixing the real threat to caribou, the government is blaming wolves and using this justification to kill them.

The government won’t stop this barbaric cull unless they hear from enough people demanding protection for the wolves.


Sign the Care2 petition urging wildlife officials in Alberta and B.C. to stop the wolf slaughter today!

Thank you,

Cate H.
The Care2 Petitions Team

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