Serbia / England / Thailand: ‘Utata’ (Serbia) now Joins With ‘Twinnsie’ (Thailand) As the Newest Members of Team SAV !

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For the last few weeks there has been a lot of thought given here (England) to undertaking a virtual adoption of one of the cats at ‘Felix’ shelter which is run in Serbia by our good friend Danica.

No final choice was made as there are so many appealing faces at the shelter.

Then on Sunday night, more news and photos came through from Danica about some of the cats at the shelter.  There was one little lady who immediately grabbed attention; Danica wrote:

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

‘Utata’ is living a happy life at the shelter, but there’s one little thing missing. She needs a virtual “parent” who will perfect her happiness and show her she’s special by choosing to sponsor her, just her. Is it you?

Utata needs a sponsor ! – Utata is about five years old, I found her as a tiny kitten. She was stubborn and had a mind of her own from the beginning. Although she cuddled with me she was generally distrustful towards people, until some time ago when she has suddenly become cuddly and lovable with everyone. She gets along perfectly with other cats.


So, that was it – no more messing around and never making a choice; immediately it was decided that little lady Utata was going to be adopted virtually by SAV.  On 16/2 we made immediate contact with Danica and informed of the decision.  Today, 17/2; we have (via the Felix Blog site), given Danica our first months money to pay for the adoption of the newest member of the SAV yeam.


Utata poses for her picture to be taken

Utata now joins little ‘Twinnsie’ at SOI Dogs; who we also sponsor.

You can see more about Twinnsie on one of our fairly recent posts:     – or on the following link you can go direct to the video we had from twinnsie this last Christmas:

– it has to be those wonderful big furry ears and those very appealing eyes that won Twinnsie over as our SOI Dogs adoption.  She is a beautiful little dog with big, furry ears.

We still have to make formal sections for Twinnsie and Utata as part of the team in the ‘About Us’ section on the site; but it will be happening real soon; so keep watching.

Both SOI Dogs (Thailand) and Felix shelter in Serbia have many loving animals who are in urgent need of a sponsor to help them get through their lives, by providing regular food and also by helping to cover any veterinary fees all within the monthly sponsorship cost.  Could that sponsor be you ? – Please try and help by adopting an animal – it makes such a huge difference to the teams at the shelters as it provides more financial security for the animals.

Please see the message from John at the SOI Dogs Foundation (Thailand) website –

or from Danica at Felix Shelter (Serbia) via  – just scroll down until you see ‘cats for virtual adoption’ on the right hand side –

Then make your choice and start your adoption(s) !

I have a very strong feeling you will be seeing more of both Twinnsie and Utata in the coming months.  We welcome them both as the latest members to the SAV team.

We will continue to post regular updates on all the other cats at Felix shelter, as well as the dogs with John and the crew at SOI Dogs in Thailand.

Regards for now – Mark.