Republic of Macedonia: A Very Urgent and Special Appeal and Petition From Our Friends At Anima Mundi.


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Dear all;

We have had the following e mail (given in full below) in from our other friends at ‘Anima Mundi’ in the Republic of Macedonia.


Please make sure that you sign their petition at:

… and if you are associated with any animal organisation or campaign group / NGO; then please write a short letter of support as they ask in the info provided in 1) below.

We are pleased to have worked in support of our friends at Anima Mundi in the past relating to several issues; including the dogs being held and murdered at “Vardariste”  in Skopje.

Here is a link to all our past work relating to the Republic of Macedonia; including past posts and pictures we have shown about this infamous, terrible facility for animals:

We wish Anima Mundi great success with their petition and we ask people from all over the World to send letters of support to them – these letters MUST be sent before 3/3/15.  Please pass on the information and links to everyone you know – we need to get a huge INTERNATIONAL response of signatures on this petition.  Lets do it ! – Thanks – SAV.

All the photographs we show here are taken from the facility in question – “Vardariste” in Skopje.  We need to close it down !!

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The following is the information mailed to us by ‘Anima Mundi’ – please do what you can to help !

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Respected friends,

We, the animal protection association Anima Mundi, from the Republic of Macedonia ., a national non-profit organization recognized in our country as the most active in protection of animals and their rights, are asking for your support and help.

We need your support in our struggle to close down the infirmary for stray animals ” Vardariste ” in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia . It is a place that has been practicing mass murder of animals for years which, we believe, is happening under direct command of the Mayor of Skopje, something we find difficult to prove. You can find more information on this petition site, which we ask of you to publicly share with your members and supporters.

What do we require specifically?

1) Please send us a short official written letter  of support to our struggle to close down the stray animals infirmary “Vardariste” in Skopje. We inform you that we have submitted countless abuse reports about the infirmary and requests for entry of volunteers. We have led mass protests supported by the media in this country, but with no effect whatsoever. We believe that if we are supported by many organizations, the pressure will be stronger and we will have a positive outcome, or at least some improvement. Macedonia as a country aspiring to join the EU must meet certain standards with regard to animals as well. We want the institutions to be aware that Vardariste has compromised the city, our country and that the killing must be stopped.

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You can send this short letter to us, addressed to the Association for protection of animals Anima Mundi

( ) and  to the competent authorities and institutions:

– The Mayor of Skopje, Mr. Koce Trajanovski                                                                                                   – Director of Food and Veterinary Agency, Mr. Zoran Popovski,                                                                                                                  – Department of Health and Animal Welfare, Food and Veterinary Agency,                                                                                                            – President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Nikola Gruevski

– CC Animal Protection Organization “Anima Mundi”

Please send us your letter by Friday 03/03/2015 . Your support will be publically published in all media in the Republic of Macedonia.

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2 ) Share this petition in order to reach more people including your members and supporters . Please publish this link on your web pages and social networks * ( facebook , twitter , etc ) during this week.

3 ) Each of your proposals, shared experience or other types of help,  is welcome in our fight to stop the terror over the stray dogs in Skopje .

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Best regards,

 Animal protection organization Anima Mundi

president Stole Velkovski

Здружение за заштита на животни „АНИМА МУНДИ“

Animal Protection Association “ANIMA MUNDI”

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