Germany: Hunting News 22/2/15.



fox week 2013 10

Hunt news from Germany.

The state of Baden-Wuerttermberg has passed a new set of hunting laws, which come into force in April. Passionately fought by the hunting societies in the last months, at least as concerns animal welfare improvements, it nevertheless contains much that caters to the hunters’ interests.

One being the new law that henceforth fox cubs may be caught (and killed) directly from the den, where a cage sticks in the mouth of the den, and the cubs are then trapped at the upper end, to be killed by the hunters later) WITHOUT extra permission by the authorities.


So far that sort of thing used to be the exception; as from April onwards it will become the widespread rule.

Also, in the Saarland hunters are now targeting mainly pregnant vixens at this time of year.

Legally, of course.

The hunting society of a rural Bavarian community recently withdrew their plans of shooting some 100 foxes on a single weekend (beginning of Feb: mating season) (across several districts) for reasons of “population control”.

They ran into trouble with PETA in Stuttgart, who threatened to take them to court should they persist. However, who knows what happened when nobody was looking ..?

A 50+year old German hunter has been charged for shooting a young man (26) recently, thinking him, in poor sight, a wild boar.

He got away with a suspended sentence of 2 years.

In contrast, a young man who protested in front of a well-known (for selling fur) Austrian clothing retailer, was dragged inside by staff, beaten to the point of requiring hospitalization, and later sentenced to 7 months in prison, effective immediately.

No further comment required – one rule for most; another for hunters.









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