Nepal: 14/4/15 Is The Start Of The New Year In Nepal – So Send The Authorities Info Expressing Your Disgust At The Mass Animal Killings.


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Why not send Happy New Year – Never Again greetings to your own national Nepal embassy ? – here is the link – just scroll down and select your nation.  

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From CIWF:

Don’t worry. We know it’s not December 31st! But April 14th does mark the start of a New Year in Nepal. Across the world millions use the New Year as an excuse to make a resolution to change for the better. Now it’s time for the Nepalese Government to make a New Year’s resolution.

Call on the Nepalese Government to stop inhumane slaughter festivals. Once and for all.

Thanks to a local and international campaign, there was a reduction in the number of farm animals killed at the Gadhimai Festival last November. But tens of thousands still endured the terrifying experience of this event, and faced an inhumane death. There are also many smaller slaughter festivals that take place throughout the year in Nepal.

Stop the slaughter

We’ve created a film to raise awareness about this festival, and to call on the Nepalese Government to take the opportunity of a New Year, a fresh start, to stop the suffering. Please watch and share this important film with your friends and family, and ask them to take action too.

– or Youtube direct –

It’s time for the Nepalese Government to take action and stop this cruelty. Will you call on them to make a resolution for farm animals to mark the New Year?

Thank you so much for your support.

Best wishes,

Pru Elliott

Campaigns Officer










England: They Call It ‘Sport’ !


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East Kent Murder

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Serbia: Shelter Azil Alex – Injured cat Ostoje in need of your help.

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Injured cat Ostoje in need of your help

Just when we thought we have all vet bills settled and can focus on Princess’ hernia operation, we received a phone call……

April 9th – Around midnight, on a tip that an injured cat is lying on the entrance of a village Zednik, Subotica, volunteers of shelter “Alex” went to see what is happening. What they discovered was more than shocking.

Young cat was lying helplessly, almost like he already surrendered. We immediately took him. He has wounds on his mouth, hind legs, was in complete state of shock and he didn’t meowed at all. We carefully put him in transporter and tucked him in, ‘cause he was already getting cold.



We called the vet ambulance T&T from Palic because we couldn’t wait until the morning. This way we are expressing our gratefulness to them as they told us to come right away, even though it was around 1a.m.

Cat was fully examined. He has no fractures, but the wounds are horrible. He was named Ostoje and was already in the state of hypothermia.

We warmed him up, his wounds were cleaned, he received an IV, antibiotics, vitamins. From earlier he has diarrhea and the beginning of mange.

Currently he is at our volunteer’s home, tucked in next to the furnace and surrounded with love.



April 10th – Ostoje’s condition is still critical because his temperature varies and he won’t eat by himself. He received therapy which again included IV and antibiotics. He mostly sleeps so his chances are 50/50.

April 11th – Ostoje’s condition is improving. His temperature is now 38.3, he eats on his own, yet he doesn’t want water (probably because he receives enough fluids through IV). He again received therapy and is alert enough to bite and scratch.



You can see his full album here:

We post photos every day and will post more updates along them.

Please help us. Even by sharing.

Shelter “Alex” takes care of 500 dogs while trying to respond to each call and help as many animals as possible.

Unfortunately, we are running out of the funds collected for the care of our dogs in shelter and we fear what we will do then.

Can you please share this appeal and donate whatever amount you can?

No amount is too small and we appreciate it hugely.
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Thank you!

Donate to help shelter Alex at:  

shelter alex

Azil Alex


AZIL August appeal