9/4/15 – The EU Enlargement Commission Appears To Be Failing Serbian Animals – We Have Still Had No Response To Our Letter of February According To The Commission Today !! – So Now We Respond By Asking You To Send The Sample Letter Provided Below.

Our original post which include copies of our and Keith Taylor’s letters to Commissioner Hahn.


The EU Enlargement Commission is quick enough to hand out hundreds of millions of Euros to Serbia every year – paid for by, yes you have guessed it – us existing EU citizens; and yet they cannot even send a reply to us EU citizens who write if February to express their concerns about a lack of EU (Enlargement Commission) action in dialogue  with the Serbian government about Serbian animal ‘welfare’; or is it ‘mafia’ ??

Any wonder most people in the UK want to pull the plug on the EU !

UK elections in May 2015 – the people will decide if the EU is as good as what it thinks it is.



Today 9/4/2015; we made several telephone calls to the EU Enlargement Commission to ask why we have still not been supplied with a response from the EU regarding our letter dated 22nd February.

After much ‘please wait’ and being put on hold; we were eventually verbally informed that nothing has actually been sent back to us at SAV by the EU Enlargement Commission.  This is despite the fact that the Serbian government are currently drafting new legislation which will allow it to kill stray animals in much less time than it currently does.

The Serbian government intend to have this new legislation passed by the end of May 2015; despite many objections and documented submissions by Serbian animal welfare organisations.

Given that the EU Enlargement Commission is dragging its heels on the subject of animal welfare within Serbia; despite our evidence and letters; and more importantly; current attempts by the Serbian government to ‘sneak through’ new legislation by the end of May to make the killing of stray animals easier; we now have no choice after today’s fiasco at the EU Enlargement Commission; but to now produce a letter which can be sent to Commissioner Hahn at the EU.

We trust the letter says all that needs to be said. If the Enlargement Commission had acted and replied to us when it should have, there would be no need for all of this.  But the EU has got lost once again with its own importance which it appears to doing very little to actually enforce the ‘rule of law’ within Serbia as it says it will prior to EU accession into the EU.

Please copy and send the following letter to the Commissioner who appears to be failing the animals of Serbia.  Thank you.



SAMPLE LETTER – or modify to your own standard.

Send to:


Dear Commissioner Hahn;

I write to you as a member of ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) which is based in England UK.

As of today, 9/4/15; I am informed by your very own Commission that it has not yet even responded to SAV regarding their letter to you of 22/2/15 and the situation of animals within Serbia.  As SAV is an EU (UK) based orgaisation dedicated to Serbian animal welfare; there concerns should at least be addressed by un-elected EU politicians such as yourself.

I would like to remind you that the EU is investing millions of Euros into pre –accession funding for Serbia – for example – €208.3 million for the year 2013 alone;

Source: http://ec.europa.eu/enlargement/instruments/funding-by-country/serbia/index_en.htm

In the words of the site given above – “The pre-accession funds also help the EU reach its own objectives regarding a sustainable economic recovery, energy supply, transport, the environment and climate change, etc”.

Does the EU citizen not have any say in how all ‘their’ money is being spent by you ? – it would appear not.  You Sir are not even addressing letters of concern regards Serbian animal by EU animal welfare organisations such as SAV !


http://ec.europa.eu/enlargement/pdf/key_documents/2014/20140919-csp-serbia.pdf   ]

declares the following:

8.2. Objectives, results, actions and indicators

The objective of EU assistance is to support gradual alignment of the Serbian agricultural policy with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP),. The expected results are the following:

Veterinary and phytosanitary services and controls are implemented in line with the EU requirements; and,

Animal health is improved through eradication of diseases and/or better control of brucellosis, bovine leucosis and tuberculosis, rabies and classical swine fever”.

Thus, as SAV to date have had no response from your Commission relating to their letter of 22nd February 2015, regarding the issue of Serbian animal welfare; and the above statements by the EU on ‘improving (Serbian) animal health’; what now needs to be questioned is it currently appears that the Serbian government is devising new (and quick to be passed – May 2015 ?) legislation for stray dogs which will allow them to be killed in less time than existing Serbian legislation allows.

Thus it can only be assumed that despite the words made in the EU documentation (links provided); either the EU Commission does not actually care about the welfare of animals within Serbia; and combined with the complete lack of information which your Commission are providing to existing EU and other global citizens on this iissue, it can only be assumed that you are showing no real opposition to the new proposals being made by the Serbian government for the welfare of stray animals.

The things that have been witnessed in Romania over the last few years regarding stray animal treatment has been a complete and utter embarrassment to the EU.  Tell me please; is the Enlargement Commission prepared to have a ‘Romania 2’ by not putting pressure on the Serbian government to drop the new proposals; and instead adopt a national policy of stray animal sterilisation combined with much better public education ? – or are you content with witnessing the abuses shown everyday in Serbia over the last 10 years or more by organisations such as SAV, and the animal killings by the ‘animal mafia’, for which I include local and regional authorities ?

You Sir need to act and act very quickly to stop animal suffering in Serbia.  The current Serbian government is currently attempting to change the law for the negative for Serbian strays; something it hopes to finalise by the end of May 2015.

You, as the EU citizens un-elected head of the EU Enlargement Commission are responsible for ensuring that Serbia adopts the standards of the EU; not for letting the Serbian government make up and devise new animal welfare legislation which could be passed within weeks simply to the benefit of the Serbian government and the animal mafia operating throughout Serbia; very much to the detriment of Serbian animals and their welfare.

I will hold you and your team personally responsible if Serbia is allowed to once again ‘get away’ with making false promises to the EU regarding animal welfare improvements – in Serbia there are no animal welfare improvements; there have been just indiscriminate killings of many animals which do not conform with existing Serbian legislation – “the rule of law” which the EU is so very keen to promote in so much of its documented publicity.

Please; for once, get the Serbian government to enforce the ‘rule of law’ as determined by the Serbian Constitutional Court back in 2005; and do not allow yourself to be bribed into a ‘Romania 2’ by the Serbian government and authorities with their new ‘quick fix’ legislation for stray animals.

I will be watching your Commissions actions very closely over the next month or more regarding the new animal welfare proposals currently being formatted by the Serbian government.  Inn no way should these be allowed to progress any further; and I hold you and your ‘Serbian team’ responsible for ensuring that this does not happen.

The EU should be improving animal welfare, not being dragged down by new legislation from nations who wish to join the EU; take all the money, and yet continue to kill stray animals regardless of the Serbian ‘rule of law’; just like they have done for so many years regardless of the national ‘rules of law’ which were supposedly approved by the Serbian Constitutional Court back in 2005.






Please ensure that the SAV letter of February 2015 IS responded to; before the new legislation  is sneaked through the back door by the Serbian government – thank you.

Yours truly,

Name and nationality.








Global: 9/4/15 – News Shorts and Many Actions.

We will be publishing an update on the Serbian situation very soon.

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an astounding 88,197 people have called on the European Commission to end the trade in live farm animals leaving the EU. And I am pleased to say that you are part of a growing worldwide movement.

Palestinian Animal League Solidarity (PALS) is standing side by side with you calling for the suffering to stop.

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I have breaking news.

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Marilyn Kroplick, M.D.

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P.S. Thanks to IDA members like you a real shift away from dog meat has at last started to occur in South Korea – in fact not long ago that country’s longest-running dog meat restaurant shut down due to lack of demand.  Together, we CAN do the same in places like Vietnam, Cambodia and China.  Please give now to help us expand IDA’s brave campaign to put an end to the dog and cat meat trade.


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