Spain: Please Take Action For Spanish Dogs. Petition.


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Demand Spain strictly enforce penalties for animal cruelty


About this Petition

In this day and age, ALL animals should be kept safe, have rights and laws enforced to protect them and strictly penalize those that go against these laws.

In Spain, docile hunting dogs such as the Galgos and Podencos are chained in the dark, fed leftover moldy food once a week, lay in there own feces with no human interaction because the abusers feel this will make them hunt better.

They are also chained to the back of moving trucks to keep them running. If they don’t run, they will be dragged and die.

They are hung from trees to get strangled and drowned in wells if they are not desired. Others have there legs broken or eyes gauged out, and left to die of starvation and/or injury in the woods or chained until death. Please help stop this from happening and save these innocent souls.

Protect Spanish Hunting Dogs from Abuse and Death!

Every spring, Spanish hunters kill thousands of healthy dogs — and the owners are not brought to justice because hunting dogs are under Spanish laws classified as “working labor” and not as pets.


Please sign the petition before dogs are killed this spring to demand the government protect these animals.

Spanish hunting dogs include galgos (greyhounds), podencos, setters, pointers, and more. They are extremely gentle dogs who are good with people and eager to please. Owners kill their hunting dogs when they “embarrass” their owners by losing races. They are deemed no longer useful and their owners no longer want to feed them.

One common way of killing these dogs is to hang the dogs by the neck just high enough so that they have to support themselves using their back legs.

Eventually, the dogs get too tired to stand any longer, so they collapse and hang themselves, slowly dying in agony and terror. It’s called “The Typewriter” because of the noise the dogs’ nails make as they skitter frantically on the ground, trying to get free.

Other times, hunters abandon the dogs to starve to death or shoot them.

Cruelty towards pets is illegal, but these hunters are rarely punished for this horrifying abuse because hunting dogs are not legally protected as pets. In fact, some don’t even know that it is outlawed, since people have been murdering their dogs in this way for generations.

It’s outrageous that people aren’t punished for these cruel killings. The laws need to protect these dogs and police need to arrest the hunters who mishandle and murder these animals.

Please sign the petition to demand that the authorities crack down on the practice, before more hunters slaughter these helpless animals this spring.


UK: Will wild lynx return to Britain?



lynx  return uk

Will wild lynx return to Britain?

27 April 2015

Wild lynx have been extinct in Britain for more than 1,300 years.

The Lynx UK Trust is now looking at bringing the big cats back to three parts of the UK for an initial five-year trial.

But the ultimate aim is to have hundreds of lynx in the countryside.

Overcoming farmers’ concerns is just one of the hurdles for the trust. There is also the worry for some about whether lynx are a danger to humans.

Graham Satchell reports.




April 27th – Petitions and More.

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Petitions and More, April 27

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