Serbia: Campaigners Know The Law – It Seems The Serbian Government, Regional Authorities (and possibly EU Enlargement Commission) Dont – Why ??


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UPDATE – April 2015.

We have been joining our Serbian animal campaigner colleagues for several years now in what seems a never ending battle with the authorities to improve the treatment of Serbian stray animals; and most importantly; control and reduce stray (street) animal numbers by using a properly orchestrated ‘no kill’ strategy.

Please click on the following link below to read and see the situation for Serbian stray animals; and what we have undertaken in recent years to try and improve their lives.  The EU also has big responsibilities on this issue which it is NOT addressing.  Now more than ever (early 2015); we need EU wide legislation on a ‘NO Kill’ stray dog management and control programme.  With something in place such as this; nations already in the EU, such as Romania; and nations seeking EU membership, such as Serbia, would then be obliged by EU law to enforce the EU wide regulations, rather than making up or simply ignoring their own national legislation / rules as they are doing at present.

Link – ‘About Serbian Strays’ –  


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Here are the real, current legal facts; not those that the Serbian government works to and wants citizens and the EU Enlargement Commission to believe.  Are the Serbian government now trying to change the (animal) law again in order to be admitted quicker into the EU ?

As an example – After three days at the ‘shelter’, dogs are taken to Novi Sad city where they are killed by ‘euthanasia’, using Pravilnik 29/94 legislation.

Prior to the new Serbian Veterinary Law of 02/10/2005, there was an old law dating from 1991 for the health protection of animals. In agreement with the old law of 1991, the authorities produced their own other ‘underlaw’ (extra law) regulationnamed ‘Pravilnik 29/94’, which was intorduced to allow the killing of animals after they were held in pounds for 3 to 7 days.

** From 02/10/2005 **, the new Veterinary Law Article 168 effectively destroyed everything that was written in Pravilnik 29/94, ** because the 2005 law demanded the care of animals.

Pravilnik 29/94 was overwritten by Article 168, the result being that all killing of animals was forbidden apart only from cases for Rabies infected areas, which were covered by application of Articles 64 and 65 of the Veterinary Law.

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By continuing to undertake the killing of animals after 3 to 7 days in accordance with regulation Pravilnik 29/94, the authorities were then in a situation where they were working in opposition to the actual existing law

But it is very much the case, even up to the present day, where authorities are still using Pravilnik 29/94 as a reason for the killing of animals.  But in reality, Pravilnik 29/94 became nonexistent on 02/10/2005 with the introduction of the new Veterinary Law (Article 168).

Hence the reality is by law; there should be no killing, but animal care instead.

Pravilnik 29/94 is only an ‘underlaw’ (extra law) regulation, has very less power than the actual law, and most importantly, must be in agreement with the existing law.  Pravilnik 29/94 was valid originally (1991 on) to protect animal health but is now in opposition to the new and current animal law – the new Veterinary Law Article 168 of 02/10/2005.

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Serbian campaigners have written to the Constitutional Court saying that it is unlawful for Shinters (Dogcatchers) and also veterinarians to kill stray dogs and cats only after they have been held for three (3) days, as this is now old and outdated legislation. 

Killing is forbidden under the new Veterinary law.

Campaigners have heard back from the Serbian Constitutional Court in writing, and they say that no analysis of the case is necessary for Pravilnik 29/94 as it has been replaced by the new Veterinary Law Article 168 (02/10/2005).

This is exactly what the campaigners had said, ie. that the old ‘underlaw’ (extra law) of Pravilnik 29/94 was still being used when it fact it has been overwritten by the new Veterinary Law Article 168 of 02/10/2005.

In addition, Article 46 of the new Veterinary Law (02/10/2005) states that the killing of stray cats and dogs is forbidden and that instead they should be provided with care.  

The word from the Serbian Constitutional (law) Court is that from 2005, animals should be provided with care and not be killed.

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It would appear that all of the public firms responsible for garbage collection in Serbian cities are still working to old illegal legislation, effectively using the outdated and illegal Pravilnik 29/94 rather than the No Kill Article 46 (168) of the new Veterinary Law.

In effect, by still working to this now non existent law, these public firms who collect and kill strays are UNDERTAKING ILLEGAL WORK– they should be working in accordance with the new Veterinary Law Article 46 (168) of 02/10/2005 which demands care for the animals.


As the EU Enlargement Commission are not contacting us about anything; or to inform us of what they are doing; we can only assume that they are incorrectly being misled by the Serbian government as to the existing law(s) for animals. 

We can only assume; unless we are contacted to clarify the situation; that the EU Enlargement Commission have one aim and one aim only – to ignore actual existing Serbian ‘No Kill animals’ legislation and just get Serbia into the EU as yet another EU member state.

Every day we wait for the EU Enlargement Commission to answer our letter and that of UK MEP’s who we work with – and every day we get nothing.

Who really does know the law on Serbian

animals we ask ?

Why are the EU Enlargement Commission not ensuring that the Serbian government enforce the EU declaration of enforcing the ‘Rule of Law’ regarding animal welfare legislation ? – the Rule of Law enforcement being an ‘EU flagstone’ which must (allegedly – according to the EU) be shown to being rigorously enforced by an accession nation before that same nation becomes an EU member state ?

A detailed explanation of the legislation is given in our past SAV Link:

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 226ASP6179944780By Who Exactly ?

USA: Eat Money Cos That’s All That Is Left !! – US Politicians Approve Shell’s Climate-Killing Plan To Drill In The Arctic.



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SAV Comment:

You know, there is an old Indian saying which goes like this ….

 eat money

Only when the last tree has died; and the last river been poisoned, and the last fish caught; will we realize that we CANNOT EAT MONEY.

US politicians approving drilling in the Arctic is yet another example of this ‘money beats everything’ attitude.  But be assured, it happens the World over with the vast majority of politicians – they have but one aim – to see that ‘they’ are ok; and sod the rest.  We are currently experiencing it in the lead up to UK elections with the Conservative Party and David Cameron.

In the EU, these non elected types are called ‘Commissioners’.

Picture them all in the near future; sitting on their massive piles of money that they have made by pandering to big money business and their planet destroying requirements.  The seas are dead, the forests have gone and most of the animals have become extinct.

What do most of the politicians shout from high on their money mountains ?

Look at me and the cash I have – nothing else matters apart from me and my money !!”

Lets hope some of them are still around (money does not buy eternity yet!) when their grandchildren turn to them and ask:

But what did you do about the whales being slaughtered ?; what did you do about the polar ice caps getting smaller and the polar bears dying ?; what did you do to try and save the animals of the planet from extinction ?

The answer will probably be – “Nothing; but look at all the money I made from promoting Chinese international investment ! – sweet child; would you like a ten dollar note sandwich ?”

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Mark –

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This is outrageous. Yesterday, the Obama administration announced a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and then followed that up by approving Shell’s climate-killing plan to drill in the Arctic.

This is a setback, but we’re not giving up. Right now, six volunteers aboard the Greenpeace ship Esperanza are tailing one of Shell’s drilling rigs across the Pacific, and across the city of Seattle, where Shell’s Arctic fleet is set to dock, concerned residents are mobilizing. And people all over the world are standing up against Shell.

Your support can help save the Arctic and the planet from a bleak future. Can you help us reach $15,000?

If we don’t put it all on the line now, Shell’s rigs will be drilling in the Arctic in less than 100 days. If drilling happens, oil WILL spill, contaminating waters that Arctic communities and wildlife depend on. Even worse, drilling also threatens the entire planet by fast-tracking catastrophic climate change. With sea ice at its lowest ever this year, it’s time to take action.

Shell thinks it’s won, but it hasn’t accounted for you. Over half a million of you petitioned President Obama and the U.S. government to stop Shell’s plans and save the Arctic. Our politicians may have caved to the oil industry, but we know you’re ready to take the next step.

We’re mobilizing thousands of people worldwide to stand up in their communities and take action. Your support today can help make this movement a success.

Last time Shell was allowed in the Arctic, it ran the oil rig Kulluk aground off the coast of Alaska, a dangerous accident that put the lives of workers and the Alaskan ecosystem at risk. In a separate incident, a containment dome was “crushed like a beer can.” There’s no reason to expect that this effort will go any better, and it’s only a matter of time before oil spills.

Any oil spilled in the Arctic will be nearly impossible to clean up. Worse, the scientific journal Nature’s analysis of our climate says that if we’re going to avert disaster, we need to keep the Arctic’s oil reserves in the ground.[1]

But Shell and our government are willing to gamble away our children’s future for oil.

This is big news, and we need to act quickly. Please support our campaigns today and help us reach our $15,000 goal by April 15.


Leila Deen
Arctic Campaigns Director, Greenpeace USA

P.S. There’s no time to waste. Please give today and help save our planet for future generations.

1. The Guardian, “Leave fossil fuels buried to prevent climate change, study urges”

Gaza: Petition – Close The Hell Hole Zoo. Act Where Tosser Politicians Fail.

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Shut down the awful Gaza Strip zoo!

Animals in a zoo in the Gaza Strip are dying from starvation, neglect and chemical exposure. Shockingly, the zoo owner continues to display the animals after they die, keeping decaying corpses in cages alongside living animals. He even took a taxidermy course online so that he can embalm the animals himself, saying “It doesn’t matter if the animal is alive or dead. We still want to see it.”

These animals don’t deserve such horrible treatment. Let’s act now to demand that this zoo be shut down – sign the Care2 petition to zoo owner Mohammed Awaida today!

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict prevents caretakers from reaching the animals for long periods of time and chemical warfare takes a further toll on their health. Heartbreaking photos of South Forest Park Zoo show a lion’s emaciated body decaying in the sun and a mummified baboon who died bearing his teeth.

Mr. Awaida continues buying animals online despite the awful conditions. He smuggles them into through an illegal tunneling system by paying bribes.

We can’t stand by and let these animals continue to die slow and painful deaths. With enough pressure, Awaida may stop collecting animals and allow the surviving creatures to be taken to a sanctuary where they can receive regular care. Sign the Care2 petition demanding that the zoo be shut down – let’s make sure zoo owner Mohammed Awaida hears from 46,000 Care2 members today!

Thank you,


Petition link –


The following are other pictures we have obtained about this facility.

Rage, repent; sign the petition – thank you.


Petition link –










– Politicians are the ‘Tossers’