UK: UPDATE – Recent (Gadhimai) Nepal ‘Festival’ Slaughter Shows Animals Involved Were Reduced By 75%.


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ciwf ghad nov 2014

Many of you will remember very clearly the recent undercover investigation undertaken by London based campaigner friends at CIWF –  who attended Nepal and the Gadhimai festival:

Remember the statement issued by the undercover CIWF investigator who was in Nepal at the time (click on the 4th link below for more):

“Our Investigators are today on the ground in Nepal, documenting what we believe to be the world’s biggest single-location animal slaughter festival. The Gadhimai festival takes place in such a remote area that our team are cut off from most forms of communication – but I have just received this short message:

“I’ve never ever seen anything quite like this and hope I’ll never ever witness it again.

The scale of the suffering is vast – before me lie the bodies of thousands of buffalo, staining the earth, and the soles of the slaughtermen’s feet, red. What I’ve seen can only be described as a massacre. These animals have suffered great pain at the hands of an army of unskilled men and this is just the start….thousands of chickens, goats and other animals are next up in this 48 hour frenzy of killing”.

Well here is the latest news from CIWF regarding the festival – reproduced directly from their supporter magazine ‘Farm Animal Voice’.  Over 172,000 supporters spoke out about the slaughter and the result was that the number of animals involved was reduced by a staggering 75%.

CIWF Nepal festival update_NEW

Mark (SAV) and Philip, CEO at CIWF, have both been friends and active campaigners on many farm animal welfare issues for many years.  Read more at:

Your voice and actions DO make a huge difference for the animals – Thank You.

Its time to decide –

Speak our about the abuses.


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