UK; London – Chelsea Flower Show – Starts Today – 18/5/15.




I think it fair to say that us Brits do have a ‘thing’  about our gardens and the plants that are in them.  Today, 18/5/15 saw the first day of the world famous Chelsea flower show; which is situated in central London.

Below are a few early links to some of the stands and gardens which make up this years show.  Remember that all these gardens have been created in just a few weeks on the site of Chelsea hospital.  As a bonsai person myself, I am just blown away by the beautiful trees which tuen up for display every year.

chelsea bon 1

Enjoy the visit !

View each of this years gardens and exhibitors at:

See the best of 2014 by clicking on this link:

chelsea bon 2

chelsea bon 3

chelsea bon 4


chelsea bon 5


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