Japan: Great News for Dolphins and Whales!




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Great News for Dolphins and Whales!

April 21, 2015


It was just announced that Japanese Aquariums will cease buying live captive dolphins caught in the cruel Taiji drive fishery.  This a huge news in the effort to stop the Taiji dolphin killing and capture operation.

The decision came as the result of building pressure on the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) that resulted in their vote to suspend the membership of the Japanese Zoos and Aquariums unless they ceased all sourcing of dolphins from the bloody drive hunts in Taiji.

This development is a stunning blow against the dolphin killers of Taiji.  If the Japanese aquariums follow through with this new ban on these captive dolphins, it will take millions of yen out of the Taiji dolphin killers’ pockets and could render the entire Taiji killing operation uneconomic and unsustainable.




England: Ricky Gervais Gives His View On Hunting.


Ricky hunt

East Kent

cameron hunter


Keep The Ban !


Serbia: News From Felix Shelter – A New Patient Requiring Care !

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felix mid may 1


Please share and help if you can!

Life hasn’t been kind or easy for this lovely kitty girl so far.

She probably had an owner once, as she’s much too docile and loving for a fully-grown stray, but she somehow ended up on the street and ultimately under the wheels of a car.

Her pelvis is broken, her lower vertebrae are out of place and she was just lying still when she was brought to the shelter, although she was able to hold onto her hind legs a little. She also had a huge hematoma in her bladder and had been peeing blood for days.

felix mid may 2

Chances are that her broken bones will be allowed to heal spontaneously, but it’s also possible she’ll need surgery – we’ll know more after another vet exam, scheduled for the end of the week. In the meantime, she is resting in her cage, surrounded by her new kitty friends.

We need a lot of help to provide her with everything she’ll need during her lengthy recovery, like high quality food, vitamin supplements and diapers, to name just a few.

felix mid may 3

After all she’s been through, it’s about time her life takes a turn for the better, don’t you think?


felix mid may 4





UK; London – Chelsea Flower Show – Starts Today – 18/5/15.




I think it fair to say that us Brits do have a ‘thing’  about our gardens and the plants that are in them.  Today, 18/5/15 saw the first day of the world famous Chelsea flower show; which is situated in central London.

Below are a few early links to some of the stands and gardens which make up this years show.  Remember that all these gardens have been created in just a few weeks on the site of Chelsea hospital.  As a bonsai person myself, I am just blown away by the beautiful trees which tuen up for display every year.

chelsea bon 1

Enjoy the visit !

View each of this years gardens and exhibitors at:



See the best of 2014 by clicking on this link:  https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/rhs-chelsea-flower-show/gardens






chelsea bon 2

chelsea bon 3

chelsea bon 4


chelsea bon 5


Serbia: 17/5/15 – Latest News From Danica At ‘Felix’ Cat Shelter.

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danica may 1


Sorry we haven’t been posting much lately, (although we wish we could), we’ve had many problems over the last few months.

We’d really like to thank all of our wonderful and caring friends who are helping us, even if we don’t have enough time to regularly ask for the help which is always needed and more than welcome.

Our urgent appeal for the funds required to feed the kitties and pay off the vet bills was launched in mid-April, but we’re still more than $800 short.

Please share and help if you possibly can, every little bit counts!

Help Us Feed the Felix Kitties and Pay off the Vet Bills

All of the kitties in the shelter are safe and loved for life, but they do need help.

PayPal button: http://catshelterfelix.com/ and


 danica may 2

danica may 3

danica may 4

danica may 5

danica may 6

Please share and help if you possibly can, every little bit counts!

Help Us Feed the Felix Kitties and Pay off the Vet Bills

All of the kitties in the shelter are safe and loved for life, but they do need help.

PayPal button: http://catshelterfelix.com/ and



USA: Students Dance With Cat Corpses: Tell Oklahoma School to Stop Dissection!


students dance with dead cats

SAV Comment – we find this video very disturbing.  Is this the way young children should act with dead animals ? – are there now not enough methods of learning about the structure of any animal without having to physically cut one into bits ? – and where exactly did the high school obtain all these dead cats from ? – Dangerous, very dangerous; will kids like this look at human death in such a trivial way in future ?

He who disregards the suffering of animals at an early age often disregards the suffering of humans in later life – or they even become responsible for it !!!

Students Dance With Cat Corpses: Tell Oklahoma School to Stop Dissection!


Published on May 12, 2015

PETA has obtained a disturbing video that was apparently filmed at Oklahoma City’s top-ranked Harding Charter Preparatory High School.

The footage depicts heartless students wearing lab coats and playfully dancing with dead cats slated to be dissected in their biology class.

The video of the choreographed display was posted on social media, and the students’ teacher was even tagged in the post.

Students learn faster and better by using non-animal methods such as interactive software programs, and with these modern tools, they don’t learn to treat or think of animals as equipment to be used and discarded.

Please speak up for cats by urging Harding Charter Preparatory School to investigate the circumstances of this video and switch to non-animal teaching methods: http://peta.vg/1l94.



USA: Legal Action To Be Taken For Lolita – Please Give Your Support To The Campaign.


i belong here


Help the World’s Loneliest Orca

Nearly half a century ago, Lolita was taken from her family in the wild. Now she lives here:


Wild members of Lolita’s family are highly social, stay with their mothers for life, travel up to 100 miles per day, and dive hundreds of feet below the water’s surface, all while Lolita is imprisoned at the Miami Seaquarium in the smallest orca tank in North America.

And Lolita hasn’t seen another orca since her tankmate died after ramming his head into the side of the tank more than 35 years ago.

Lolita’s family members, who still swim in the area where she was captured, were listed as endangered, in part because dozens of orcas were stolen from the ocean around the same time as Lolita.

Following a petition by PETA and others, the National Marine Fisheries Service granted Lolita those same protections under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). We believe that confining Lolita to a small, shallow, and barren concrete tank—where she has been unable to swim any meaningful distance, dive, forage, or carry out virtually any natural behavior for more than 40 years and where she is without an orca companion or protection from the hot sun—violates the ESA.

PETA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Orca Network, and two concerned individuals have notified the Miami Seaquarium of their intent to sue, as required by the ESA, in behalf of Lolita and seeking her freedom from the facility.

Lolita could be released to a sea pen in her native waters for rehabilitation and to live out the remainder of her days near her family in as natural of a setting as possible.


Add your name to the list of people who want to see Lolita freed!