Iran: Iranian Dogs Buried Alive – Link and Photographs Via Info Below.



Iranian Dogs Buried Alive:

Post link and photographs –

31/8/15 – Global Petitions and More.



Monday, August 31, 2015

Petitions and More, August 31 Petition for New Mexico’s Endangered Wolves! What to do,News2 Media outlets, take action please!;jsessionid=23FE6E710893EE78E51E9F7DD577FA29.app304b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1767 US-info. Please protect the Endangered Species Act More will follow! Update, Serbia, Novi Sad, demand dismissal of the whole veterinarian management. The abuse and killing of animals is punishable by law but hardly anyone was jailed for more than 6 months, that’s why we seek an increase in sentence, and for justice in more recent cases. Confirm please If not signed yet, incl. 2 petitions Several petitions Italy, we want shelters for Dogs and Cats in Agropoli, where they are safe from ‘humans’! ZIP code? If not signed yet. Confirm! Keep Oregon’s Wolves Protected! Pledge for Fur-free Fish and Fish Product Import Provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act

Brasil, Federal Deputy Ricardo Izar – CPI Rapporteur of cruelty to animals: Save the animals in the Bosque de São José do Rio Preto! New petitions to sign US-info. 1 action for Horses, 1 for Hens Immediately remove the disgusting community Pro Animal Abuse Society PAAS from your social network ! Those bloody (people) promote abuse and violence on children and animals ! The members are crazy pedophiles and sociopaths!, Lleida, Segrià, ethical management of Feline colonies, which involves implementing the CES (Capture, sterilization and release) and control for good care! Mexico, Inspection and actions for the benefit of (abandoned circus-) animals Biozoo Cordoba, Veracruz! Mexico, Jalisco, Justice for the mistreatment of the dog Foxy,  and rehabilitationof the pitbull dog at Salvador protectionürnberg-z-hd-herr-maly-stadt-nürnberg-ordnungsamt-sehr-geehrter-herr-oberbürgermeister-dr-maly-sehr-geehrte-damen-und-herren-beim-liegenschafts-und-ordnungsamt-bitte-erteilen-sie-keine-genehmigung-platzzulassung-mehr-für-das-ponyreiten No more pony rides at the Nuremberg fair, and other urban areas .. Put America’s Lion – the Cougar – on the Endangered Species List Dan Ashe, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) We demand the FBI and INTERPOL to investigate the corruption inside CITES about elephant export permits to China…istanbul-eurasia-tunnel-not-to-be-opened-in-blood-bath-…/ Subsidize Fruits and Vegetables While Removing Subsidies for the Meat Industry in Starke County, Indiana Stop murder of innocent cats of Bay 40/east bound Belt Parkway by urging NYC TRAFFIC DEPT to install speed bumps target?

                  ======  News and more   ======= Whale culling, it should be banned, now on 72%  No to culling kangaroos, only 36 % One Green Planet