Serbia: Felix Shelter – Photos Collection.

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Danica Mirkovic

All of the kitties in the shelter are safe and loved for life, but they do need help.

 Take a look at the Felix shelter website and blog to see who you’re supporting! 

F1 sept

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felix 23 July 1

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Serbia: Donations Link To Help Shelter Dogs.

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donations received on  for boarding debt

Our recent post –

Please keep the donations coming in – Thank You.

Jelena Ljuboja

Ok , friends , I finally can think and realise was happening in last 24 hours .

Not only do you led me to believe again in miracles , you have gave opportunity to our dogs to live on safe . For me that is not small thing and forever we will be grateful for everything that you have done to us .

In total was collected : 2602 EUR . But that is not all ! Our dogs got sponsors , so now only 4 from 20 have no sponsor !

This is amazing, big relief for us and I must say again THANK YOU !

Next step for us is 5 titer test for dogs in boarding.
With 4 dogs who already have titer it will be 9 dogs who can travel to new life .

Soon I will post pictures of those dogs because they will need foster or forever home and I will ask you for one more favour – to share their stories . 🙂





Petitions and More – 22nd September 2015.



Petitions and More, Sept. 22 More signatures please! Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of the Alzheimer’s Society, I object to the funding of these disturbing animal experiments! Madagaskar. Please use (Google) translate and protest: Armand Marozafy, eco-tourist guide and environmental activist is convicted of defamation by a court in Maroantsetra Please sign as many as possible Enact the broadest regulations possible to end the illegal ivory trade and to save elephants from extinction! US-info, if not sent yet ..  If not signed yet: Support TNR and oppose the District Department of Energy and Environment’s 2015 Draft Wildlife Action Plan’s goal to “revisit” D.C.’s Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) policy! Ebay, Stop selling Wolf pelts!  France, Thorough investigation into the disappearance of many Cats in Schiltigheim! Confirm please Find the perpetrator of the cruel poisoning of two dogs Abolish Bullfighting Resume broadcasting of 30 million friends on weekends Quebec government, Save the Broadback Valley Forest Snubfin dolphins World Rhino Day / Challenge & Tweet Storm South Africa, Tweetstorm 27 Sept. and Bonanza Hunting, read link attached, please take a moment to email your concerns More attention please! Scroll down for petitions, if not signed/shared yet, please do!  Mr. Yehuda Moradi, Deputy Mayor of Eilat, put an end to the live Animal shipments that come into Israel through the city of Eilat European Parliament, take decisive action in favor of the Ban on Animal testing of household chemicals on animals in the European Union! More sign. please! (Unilever), Stop the sale of animal-tested products Punish Russian Elena Lenina, for the murder of her painted kitten If not signed/shared yet! Just last week, Nicole re-sent the petition to the authorities  (  New (minimal) developments to animal abuse charges ) Ensure Stricter Punishment for Animal Abuse & Cruelty Stop a New Zealand University from Shooting Live Pigs in the Head Ban Chaining Dogs in Frigid Temps in Quebec CFDA – End Animal Testing Requirement On “Special Use” Cosmetics Ban the Practice of Pigeon Shooting in Oklahoma for Fun

                ========  News and more  =========  Soi Dog Thailand Construction of a shelter for dogs in Ukraine  USDA’s Secret War on Wildlife  (Warning: Nat. Wildlife Federation is pro-hunting Wolves, so SKIP please!




Viet Nam: Animals Asia Latest Rescue – Seven More Bears Are Finally Home – See The Rescue Here !

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AA sept 2015


The brilliant team led by Jill has rescued yet another seven bears from the horrendous bile trade in Vietnam.  Congratulations to all the crew at Animals Asia.  Below you will find video and timeline links so that you can see a lot more of this latest rescue. – SAV.


Seven more bears are finally home

Dear Mark,

Animals Asia rescued seven more moon bears from bile farms in Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province yesterday (Tuesday September 22).

See the full rescue timeline here – 

The bears are from two locations in the province, where they have suffered years being held captive in small cages with regular painful bile extractions.

This represents a huge breakthrough for the team and for the local authorities who have kept pushing for the release of these bears. They will join 132 bears who already live in the beautiful surroundings of Tam Dao national park, at our Vietnam sanctuary.

Today’s rescue means just nine bears remain in Quang Ninh – and brings to 24 the total number of bears rescued from the province so far this year. This is a major success, and it’s all thanks to your support.

And you can view the full rescue journey of these bears on their road to freedom!

As always, your support means everything. Please help towards the recovery of these bears, and the other rescued bears, who are thankfully home.

Thank you for your support.

Dr Tuan Bendixson PhD
Vietnam Director

Further videos:

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