Serbia: Breaking News – Serbia Exports Live Sheep To Israel.

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8/8/17  Update – when we originally exposed this the Serbian government denied that it had ever happened.  Mark wrote to the EU about it (you can see the response in the following link) and when questioned by the EU, the Serb government admitted that it had happened. 

As a typical Serbian government act of revenge against animals and activists, they, the government, then tried to then take action against animal shelters in Serbia by trying to close them down

This is why we get no positive action from the Serbian government over anything we try to do to help animals ! – they are the government, they know better than us, or so they think.  How very typical of so many governments around the globe.

Here are the links to our posts on this which gives more information.  Mark.


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Breaking News ! – Serbia exporting Live Animals To Israel

As if the world has not gone crazy enough with live animal exports, now it appears the pathetic Serbian government want to get in on the act.  The photographs sum up the Serbian governments concern for animal welfare full stop; be it stray animals, farm animals or export animals.  They simply do NOT CARE ABOUT THE WELFARE OF ANIMALS.

We have just been provided with some disturbing news from our colleagues at CIWF here in England.

It appears that Serbia is exporting live sheep and lambs to Israel.  From what we know and see; conditions have been terrible and many animals have died due to the extreme temperatures.

Here is a link to one site –

We have made contact with our Serbian campaigners about this and we are now waiting for further news.  We are sure these (possibly first of many) shipments are linked at all with Eid which is happening soon.

There have been no live exports from the UK for several months; but over the last week there have been three shipments of live sheep for slaughter in Europe due to the Eid festival.  Another shipment of sheep is expected from Ramsgate port in England tomorrow – 19/9.  Shipment from the UK are all organised and undertaken by a Dutch exporter named Onderwater.

Reports state:

The first documentation of live transport by air, arriving at Ben Gurion Airport.

About 1500 young lambs were sent on Wednesday from Serbia to Israel, and from there, in one of the worst heat waves this country has known, by four trucks only, onward to the Qalandiya checkpoint, their next stop being slaughter houses in Ramallah, for the occasion of Eid el-Adha.

Several lambs died from heat exhaustion and the overcrowded conditions. A conspiracy of silence just prevents us from reporting the exact number of deaths in this agonizing journey.
The air and sea live transports continue at the expense of the innocent



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Various Actions and News.

Some great news from Lesley ad the crew at EoA – check them out at

12.08.2015 German authorities take action based on our complaint about Hefter

On May 1st a team from Eyes on Animals and Animal Welfare Foundation was in Poland and observed a livestock truck from the German company “Hefter”, loaded with young Lithuanian calves. The truck was parked at the WIMA control post where the driver was supposed to unload, rest and feed the young animals properly.

Instead he left the animals on board for over 9 hours and then just continued on the journey. The animals were never unloaded or fed.

We alerted the NVWA in the Netherlands. They were terrific and sent out a team to stop this truck should it enter the Netherlands. In the end the truck went to Belgium. EonA and AWF sent a complaint and request for investigation into the matter to the Belgian authorities and the German authorities from the region where Hefter is registered. Today we received news from the German Ministry that they were in contact with the Belgian, Lithuanian and Polish authorities based on our complaint and after checking the navigation print-outs confirmed that the animals were not unloaded as legally required. They have thanked us for our tip and are taking action against Hefter.

Pet Dogs to be “Clubbed to Death”

pets clubbed

In Jinan, China, the small Dayang New District has recently outlawed dogs as animal companions. Citing complaints from residents, the government posted a notice that all families must, “Deal with it on your own, or else the committee will organizes people to enter your home and club the dog to death right there.”

Obviously, this is outrageous.

The Chinese government, however, is no stranger to the mass killings of dogs. Such measures have been previously ordered to eliminate stray dog populations, often stemming from the fear of rabies.

This latest atrocity, however, targets both stray and companion dogs, vaccinated and unvaccinated. It appears to be the knee-jerk reaction to complaints regarding dog feces throughout the area. One “unidentified worker” with the District stated, “Dogs are always defecating all over the place and bothering people. A lot of people were complaining so we wrote a public notice to avoid a conflict.”

It’s amazing that the apparent solution is killing, not starting a “pick up dog poop” policy. Please speak up for these dogs today!

Click here to take action.