Sad Situation.

victory dog


UPDATE 23/9/15 – Target reached in 24 hours!!  

Additional donations always welcome.


Is there anyone out there who can help with a sugar daddy who can pay off this debt ?

Or, is anyone prepared to set up a donations site so that the money needed can be raised ? – urgent; by Monday or the dogs are on the street.

2,580 Euros.  Otherwise a very difficult pill to swallow.

Read the story below.

Please read

This is not an appeal for help, I do not believe in miracles any more.

This is only information for you who have supported us for so long time. I think that you deserve to know.

After conversation with owner of boarding kennel today, and debt who has increase a lot, we are forced to move dogs who have no sponsor on the street.

We have deadline until the monday to pay all debt. That is not possible and we know that. Our total debt with debt for food is 2580 EURO.

For us that is big money and we have no way to pay that. We are facing with hard situation, dogs in boarding have no food, dogs in shelter have no food. In last 2 month we did not collect enough to they have food every day. And that is not rescuing.

With current situation and low chance to pay that debt we can not use boarding kennel space for free. It is one of the hardest option for us, we are aware that dogs will not survive on the street, but space in shelter for them we do not have. New boarding kennel is not an option because current debt we still have to pay.

Most of our dogs are not vaccinated, because there is no money for that. If we are not able to help them, maybe some of them will find luck on the street.

For us is already hard enough because we did not keep our promise to those dogs that they will be on safe forever, and that never will be hungry. Because they are hungry. And they will not be on safe.

We know that those dogs deserve chance and nice home, but nothing of that we are not able to give them.

We have tried, and failed and that hurt a lot. I am sorry.


UPDATE 23/9/15 – Target reached in 24 hours!!  

Additional donations always welcome.

victory dog





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