Further News About Exports To Israel.

Regarding our recent posts on the live animal exports to Israel:



The Serbian government / Ministry are claiming that animals were never exported from Serbia in the first place and that we are wrong in what we say – and the reports that came to us directly from Israel.

As you can see from the second link above, we have now written to the EU Commission to see if further evidence can be obtained on any animal export consignments from Serbia.

Basically, the Serbian Ministry are negating the existence of the lorry with the livestock in within Israel, claiming that stories are being made up.  Campaigners have been informed that they are wasting Ministry time.

As a result of continuous “questioning” on the issue; they are now threatening to close the shelter “Alex” as some kind of revenge..

This is not going to stop us – we eagerly await a response from the EU which should definitely give us confirmation that export consignments took place.  Israeli campaigners have been contacted for further information; as well as us making further contact with another organisation here in England.

We are more than confident that everything we have published is correct.  We are currently looking into obtaining further proof of the consignment(s).  The Ministry can make threats such as closing Alex shelter in revenge; but this makes us all the more determined to get to the bottom of this.

Maybe the fact that this exposure has surfaced is what is not liked.

Watch this space for more news.  SAV.

Please check out the following site of export campaigning in Israel:


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