England: Hillside Winter Hay Appeal.


hillside horses

Hillside logo

Hillside Winter Hay Appeal

Winter wonderland at Hillside

There are 70 rescued horses and ponies in the above picture which is JUST 5% of the 1300 we have to feed and care for at Hillside. You can probably imagine just how much hay they are going eat in the winter.  We have got a lot of work to do fundraising to keep them all well fed during the cold weather ahead.   If you would like to donate to help towards providing hay and other necessary food for them, Please make your donation here Give a Bale of Hay in Lieu of a Present…

hillside hay 2

If you would like to donate a ‘Gift of Hay’ to help feed our rescued animals, in lieu of a present to your friends or family, we will send you a Greetings Card, a Hillside 2016 mini calendar and a Gift Certificate for you to give to your recipient as a present. Please click here to order.

You can donate by phone 01603 736200  (9am – 9pm every day) Or by Bank Transfer Donation to…

The Co-operative Bank Account No: 69668302

Sort Code: 08-92-99

Or by post to… Hillside Animal Sanctuary

Hill Top Farm

Hall Lane


Norwich NR12 7LT

 Hillside logo

We’re pleased to accept Cheques and Vouchers


Video Links – We hope you enjoy watching HERE.

Some other Hillside videos:








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