France: says “no” to glyphosate!



Excellent!  – France announces end of glyphosate!


French Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume announced that France will stop using glyphosate.
France also plans to halve the use of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides by 2025.


In May 2019, the Bayer / Monsanto group also lost the third trial.

Bayer / Monsanto has to pay more than two billion dollars in compensation to a couple suffering from cancer. The jury was able to see company documents showing that Monsanto “never had any interest in finding out if Roundup was safe.”


There are already 13,400 complaints in the US against Monsanto. The EU extended glyphosate approval at the end of 2017 against French resistance.

But now it’s official: France stops using glyphosate! despite criticism from the main French agricultural association FNSEA.


For more…at:

And I mean...Thanks to the Minister Didier Guillaume!

Unlike to Germany, there is at least a trace of responsibility and character in France.

Our Minister of Agriculture Klöckner, you and your stupid companions in government, I would like to give this shit to eat, so you realize how healthy and wholesome it is.


My best regards to all, Venus


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