Borneo: Orangutans Are Dying as Indonesia Burns.

orangutans-fire-MAINOrangutans in the haze shrouding the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation camp on Oct. 5. (Photo: Antara Foto/Reuters)


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Orangutans Are Dying as Indonesia Burns

Thousands of forest fires set by palm oil companies across Sumatra and Borneo threaten not just endangered apes but the global climate.

Indonesia is on fire.

Right now, tens of thousands of small forest fires are burning across the islands of Sumatra and Borneo, the only habitats for orangutans and other rare species.

Many of the fires appear to have been intentionally set by palm oil companies, which employ slash-and-burn agriculture to clear land of native trees to plant their cash crop, which is used as an ingredient in everything from food to cosmetics.

Richard Zimmerman, executive director of Orangutan Outreach, calls the conflagrations a disaster for endangered orangutans. Some of the fires are burning in important orangutan habitats, including Borneo’s Sabangau National Park, thought to hold the largest wild population of orangutans. “This is catastrophic,” Zimmerman said. He said he’s worried about how many wild orangutans have died from the flames and resulting smoke.

“The problem with fire and smoke is absolutely dire,” said Lis Key, communications manager for International Animal Rescue, which runs a rehabilitation center for more than 125 injured and orphaned orangutans in Ketapang, Borneo.

“Wild orangutans and orangutans in centers like ours are badly affected by the smoke,” she said. “Some suffer upper respiratory tract infections, which can even prove fatal. Some of the babies we’ve taken in recently have been suffering not only from dehydration and malnourishment through lack of food but also breathing problems from the polluted air.”

(A visit to the Ketapang orangutan sanctuary and attempts to track the scope of illegal palm oil deforestation can be seen in this week’s episode of The Operatives, which airs on Sunday, Oct. 25, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Pivot, the television network owned by Participant Media, TakePart’s parent company. Join the Operatives on their missions and take action to protect all wildlife by clicking here.)

No matter where the fires are, they have raged out of control owing to an abnormally dry and windy season caused by El Niño weather patterns. Zimmerman said the situation is similar to that in drought-plagued California, where forest fires have grown in frequency and intensity over the past few years.

Indonesia’s fires are much worse than California’s, however. Not only are they deliberately set, but many of them occur in carbon-rich peat forests. These forests—which would normally be wet and hard to burn at this time of year—grow out of several meters’ worth of damp, rich organic matter instead of soil. Zimmerman said the peat forests are so dry this year that “one match or a cigarette would let it all go up in flames.”

Not only does this release more carbon than normal forest fires, but it makes fires harder to control. “Even if things look fine, there are actually fires burning 20 feet below the ground,” Zimmerman said. “You have these teams of people doing their best to extinguish small fires or hot spots, but the fire can come back up 100 meters behind them. It’s a constant vigil.”

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Orangutans have more to fear than just the fire. The flames and smoke are pushing them out of their already reduced habitats and closer to human villages, where the adults are killed and the young apes are sold into the pet trade. In the past week, International Animal Rescue saved one such young orangutan, Gito, who had been kept in a cardboard box and left in the sun to die.

Two more young orangutans were repatriated to Indonesia this week after they were rescued from smugglers at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A report last year from the Great Apes Survival Partnership found that many illegally obtained orangutans and other apes are being sold to China for display in zoos and other entertainment facilities.

Although most adult orangutans that escape the fires are killed by poachers, a few are luckier. Key reported that her group recently relocated 10 wild orangutans that had been found “stranded close to palm oil concessions or in areas of forest that have been destroyed by fire.”

The fires threaten more than just Indonesia’s wildlife: They have also created a cloud of smoke and haze big enough to be seen from space and are releasing an estimated 15 to 20 million tons of carbon dioxide per daymore than the emissions from the entire U.S. economy. “This isn’t just one little fire in one little area,” Zimmerman said. “It’s the whole earth.”

And there’s no end in sight. Malaysia’s environment minister this week warned that the Indonesian fires are so bad that human efforts can’t control them until the rainy season begins in mid-November, if then.

Still, Zimmerman said his group is collecting funds to help support villagers, firefighters, and local conservation organizations. After that, it will start surveys to see how many orangutans have been lost. “When these fires finally end, that’s when we’ll see the bodies,” he said.

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Serbia: October News and Photos From Shelter Felix.

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A new video (link below) from Felix showing some of the cats – plus other ‘cat’ video links –

Autumn Rhyhtm cats


Figaro’s feeling much better after just two days of medical treatment.

His body temperature has returned to normal, he’s got a healthy appetite and he behaves like he always has, half playful and sweet, half grumpy. If he stays this way, his leg surgery and neutering will finally be done next week.

Hopefully he’ll recover smoothly, without any additional problems; heaven knows he’s had enough of those already.



Above – Figaro












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England: ACTION- Next Week, Lets Get The EU To Stop Funding the Breeding Of Fighting Bulls – We Dont Want This Abuse !


LACS 2LACS stop the subsideis

Dear Mark

Next week, on Wednesday 28th October, the European Union will vote on budgets for 2016. Each year the European Union provides an estimated £100 million through Common Agriculture Policy payments to farmers who breed bulls for bullfights.

You will be  horrified to learn that YOUR hard-earned tax is helping to support this barbaric industry, with £13.5 million coming from the UK alone!

Next Wednesday, your MEP will have an opportunity to support and vote for an amendment to prohibit the use of European funds to support farmers who breed bulls for bullfights. Last year, a similar amendment fell just short of an overall majority, but the tide is turning against bullfighting. 76% of Spanish people are opposed to public subsidies for bullfighting, and only 29% support bullfighting at all.

The European Convention for the Protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes is clear: Animals should not suffer pain, injury, fear or distress. Farmers breeding bulls to be tortured slowly for public display can never comply with these conditions and therefore should not be eligible for agricultural subsidies.

Bullfighting relies heavily on the backing of European funds and also funds from Spanish Administrations. Without these payments, trends show that this bloodthirsty industry would be on the brink of collapse.

We need to demonstrate political and public support against the use of our taxes being used in this way. Last year we came so close, and all we need is a few more MEPs to turn up and vote.

  LACS 4


Please contact your MEPs TODAY and urge that they vote to stop European subsidies for bullfighting on Wednesday. You can choose to contact any or all of your MEPs that are listed as there may be several representing your region. We have provided some suggested text for you to use if you wish, however personalised emails have a greater impact so please add your personal comments.   

Thank you for your support.

Mark McCormick

Senior Communications Officer


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England: Very Interesting Article – Nick Timothy: The Government is selling our national security to China.

Nick Timothy: The Government is selling our national security to China

Nick Timothy is Director of the New Schools Network and a former Chief of Staff to Theresa May.

Last month, on the same day George Osborne announced his desire to “formally connect” the London and Shanghai stock exchanges – and give an even greater role for China in building British nuclear power stations – the Chinese received a rather different message from Britain’s principal ally across the Atlantic.

Shortly before President Obama hosted President Xi Jinping in the White House, Susan Rice, the American National Security Adviser, said that Chinese cyber-enabled espionage “isn’t a mild irritation, it’s an economic and national security concern to the United States.” Not mincing her words any further, Rice said Chinese hacking “that targets personal and corporate information for the economic gain of businesses undermines our long-term economic cooperation and it needs to stop.”

We should expect no such plain speaking from the British Government today, as President Xi begins his state visit to London. In place of candour, we will see official press releases and ministerial speeches promising new investments, business partnerships and a “golden decade” in Sino-British relations.

And, to be fair, there is gold in the relationship. British exports to China are growing – albeit from a low base – while according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, China will have invested £105 billion in British infrastructure by 2025.

But what are the Chinese buying with their gold?

The first thing on their shopping list is British silence on human rights abuses – and the Government has been only too happy to oblige.

This summer, the British authorities tried to refuse a visa for Ai Wei Wei, the Chinese dissident now exhibiting his art in London. George Osborne’s visit to Urumqi, the capital of the troubled Xinjiang province, was criticised by Amnesty International for presenting a “major political coup” for China. And Chinese state media has been quick to praise the British Government for focusing “on business potential rather than raising a magnifying glass to the ‘human rights issue’”.

D Lama Tibet

free tibet 3

But human rights abuses are not the only concern about the British relationship with China. During Xi’s visit to London, the two governments will sign deals giving Chinese state-owned companies stakes in the British nuclear power stations planned for Hinkley Point in Somerset and Sizewell in Suffolk. It is believed that the deals could lead to the Chinese designing and constructing a third nuclear reactor at Bradwell in Essex.

Security experts – reportedly inside as well as outside governmentare worried that the Chinese could use their role to build weaknesses into computer systems which will allow them to shut down Britain’s energy production at will.

For those who believe that such an eventuality is unlikely, the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation – one of the state-owned companies involved in the plans for the British nuclear plants – says on its website that it is responsible not just for “increasing the value of state assets and developing the society” but the “building of national defence.” MI5 believes that “the intelligence services of…China…continue to work against UK interests at home and abroad.”

Mandiant, a US company that investigates computer security breaches around the world, looked into the operations of just one Chinese cyber espionage group, believed to be the Second Bureau of the People’s Liberation Army of China, or ‘Unit 61398’. Mandiant found that Unit 61398 has compromised 141 different companies in twenty major industries. There were 115 victims in the United States and five in the United Kingdom. The intellectual property stolen included technology blueprints, manufacturing processes, test results, business plans, pricing documents, partnership agreements, and emails and contact information.

Sir Iain Lobban, the former head of GCHQ, says there have been “attempts to steal British ideas and designs – in the IT, technology, defence, engineering and energy sectors, as well as other industries – to gain commercial advantage or to profit from secret knowledge of contractual arrangements.” Sir Jonathan Evans, the former head of MI5, has told the story of a “major London listed company” – believed to be Rio Tinto – that lost £800 million as a result of a “hostile state cyber attack” thought to have come from China.

Evidence like this makes it all the more baffling that the British Government has been so welcoming to Chinese state-owned companies in sensitive sectors. For it is not just in the energy sector that Britain has sought investment and partnership with China.

Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications company, is banned from bidding for government contracts in the United States and Australia, yet the Government allows it to provide equipment and services that put it at the heart of Britain’s communications network. Two years ago, Britain’s policy towards Huawei led Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee to highlight “a number of weaknesses in the UK’s approach to deployment of equipment within [critical national infrastructure]” and to warn that “the Government’s duty to protect the safety and security of its citizens should not be compromised by fears of financial consequences.”

But that is exactly the compromise the Government is making: rational concerns about national security are being swept to one side because of the desperate desire for Chinese trade and investment. When, earlier this year, Britain became a founding member of the Chinese-controlled Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, a US official told the press: “we are wary about a trend [in British policy] toward constant accommodation of China.” The official was right to be concerned: the AIIB is designed to undermine the World Bank and use other countries’ finances to fund investments that help to deliver China’s geopolitical aims.

And China has more than just finance in its armoury. Its defence budget is rising by at least ten per cent every year, and now stands at $141 billion.

chinese defence budget

It is installing military equipment on man-made islands it has built in contested waters in the South China Sea. It plans to open a military base in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa. And its military is open about the need to project its power to protect “China’s national interests.”

Those interests now stretch around every continent of the world. There will be a lot of excited talk this week about the new ‘Silk Road‘ – an extensive transport network taking in thousands of miles of new roads, train lines and sea routes – and the opportunities for economic growth that it presents. But senior Chinese generals say that the Silk Road will have to include a “security component”, while even its name is a conscious reference to China’s imperial history: the Silk Road is yet another means of securing Chinese power.

The Government, however, seems intent on ignoring the evidence and presumably the advice of the security and intelligence agencies. But no amount of trade and investment should justify allowing a hostile state easy access to the country’s critical national infrastructure. Of course we should seek to trade with countries right across the world – but not when doing business comes at the expense of Britain’s own national security.

cameron china 3

cameron china 4

‘Ho Chi Greaseball’ Cameron

Puppet British Prime Minister

– The Hypocrite Responsible For Shutting Up Over Human Rights In Tibet.

And As For Voicing About Chinese Anima Abuses – ??? !!

Lets get this article posted before a cyberattack from China comes our way !

– we will keep going if we are allowed !

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Romania: Carmen Tells Of Her Meetings At The EU Regarding Romanian Stray Animals.


Carmen tells and EU journalist about her very recent meetings in the EU regarding the situation for stray animals in Romania.

When Carmen returns to Romania we may make contact with her over the issue of Serbia and its treatment / policy against stray animals.

Before she left Romania for her meetings at the EU, we contacted Carmen to give her our full support.  We asked her to also mention the situation for strays in Serbia when she met the EU personnel, and this she promised us she would do.

When we have more information from Carmen on her return to Romania we shall publish it.  In the meantime, please watch the video for a review of events.

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‘Ho Chi Greaseball’ Cameron Kisses Chinese Presidents Backside Whilst Thousands Of UK Steelworkers Loose Jobs Thanks To Cheap Chinese Steel Imports.

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Go Home Now You Animal and Human Rights Abuser

– We Don’t Want You Here !

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Ho Chi Greaseball Checks Out His Next Cheapo Chinese Built Home

cameron china 4

This Wall Should Keep 15,000 British Steelworkers From My Door; Can I Have One Round My New China House ?

and Human Rights In Tibet – I Never Bring That Up

I Am A ‘Suck Up To China’ British PM !

and George Also

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free tibet fire

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