‘Ho Chi Greaseball’ Cameron Kisses Chinese Presidents Backside Whilst Thousands Of UK Steelworkers Loose Jobs Thanks To Cheap Chinese Steel Imports.

cameron china 5

Go Home Now You Animal and Human Rights Abuser

– We Don’t Want You Here !

cameron china 8

cameron china 3

free tibet 3

cameron china 1

Ho Chi Greaseball Checks Out His Next Cheapo Chinese Built Home

cameron china 4

This Wall Should Keep 15,000 British Steelworkers From My Door; Can I Have One Round My New China House ?

and Human Rights In Tibet – I Never Bring That Up

I Am A ‘Suck Up To China’ British PM !

and George Also

cameron china 7

cameron china 6

cameron china 9

free tibet 2

free tibet fire

free tibet 6

free tibet 3

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free tibet 4free tibet 2









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