Lack Of Support Throws Whole Future Of Site Into Question.

14/3/16 – See text below. 

Unless there is more action, this site is now closed until further notice.

Rather than just keep asking for donations / money, we need to see Serbian shelters and activists come together and put pressure on the Serbian government.  Make the government comply with the laws of Serbia, by supplying food to animals in shelter, not killing them.  Most importantly, we need to see a clear national sterilisation programme (using EU money) instead of the current illegal catch and kill strategy adopted by the government and authorities.

When people start to see things change, then they may consider giving more donationsThe current situation cannot remain a bottomless barrel that money is put into with no visible return or actions.


Well after such a very good start, the petition has nose dived.


It simply says to us that there is not really much in the way of trying to do anything, such as a petition; if people are going to just sign it and then do nothing more.

1074791_944847358931089_2464695890687572665_o (2)

Petitions need to be crossposted to as many supporters as can be contacted – friends, family, other ‘ar’ contacts etc.

To get nothing in the way of one signature in the last 24 hours or more is, well, a humiliation.


There is no point making efforts to get petitions created if people are not going to give them support.  Take a look at the pictures – ask yourselves, is this not worthy of something more than just signing a petition and doing nothing more ? – how many people have written a letter ?     – we gave contact details and even did a sample letter.


What do you want us to do ? – the whole bloody thing so that others do not even need to get involved !!

Annoyed ?

– more than.

Animal welfare campaigners ?

– I leave you to decide on that.

Future actions and the continuation of the SAV site ?

– debateable.




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