India: Some Wonderful Animal Rescues From Such Very Dedicated Saviours !


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Dear Mark,

In this special newsletter we are sharing not only more amazing rescue stories but also, by popular demand, a video highlighting the very vivid personalities of our tremendously cheerful animal care-givers. What goes into making a rescue center hum with vitality and life? What keeps it happy despite animals who often arrive in desolate condition? It’s not only the animals themselves who brim over with good vibrations! Meet the miracle workers!

Some videos showing the superb work of this wonderful team – SAV.


Dog sobs from the bottom of a well when she sees her rescuers

Watch one of our most beautiful well rescues of a girl who practically calls out the names of her guardian angels. We’ll never know how she survived this fall without any broken bones. She was definitely heart-broken though, and it sure felt wonderful to lift her to safety. 


Who makes the miracles here? Meet the gentle, courageous, devoted care-givers in action!

Many of you have expressed curiosity about Animal Aid’s awesome staff, so we made a very rollicking video to help you grasp what it takes to get animals treated, bedded down, cleaned up, fed, and watered–all 500 of ’em every day. 


Donkey trapped chest-deep in sewer, but hole too small to lift him out

Watch the Rescue Team solve this tough and confounding problem with a little help from their (jackhammer) friends. 


Dog loses leg but finds love

Train travelers arriving in Udaipur heard a dog’s cries within moments of arriving at the train station. Following the plaintive weeping, they found a dog whose leg had been horrifically cut off by a train. They called our Rescue Team and we found, to our amazement, that when we approached she wagged her tail. Watch this incredibly cheerful little angel’s beautiful recovery.  


Make a donation to help these wonderful, dedicated animal saviours  


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