Costa Rica: VICTORY – Petitions Work ! – 38 countries unanimously vote to increase protections for 22 species of sharks and rays.

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SAV Comment – Sometimes folks, however we think to the negative about them and what they achieve, signing petitions and keeping up the pressure DOES work !


Today we won a big victory for sharks and rays. Thanks to the actions of caring people like you.

Yesterday, 38 countries unanimously voted to increase protections for 22 species of sharks and rays at a meeting of the United Nations’ Convention on Migratory Species in San Jose, Costa Rica.

22 species!

And it all started with the 8,000 people like you who signed our petitions which were hand delivered to the Costa Rican President and asked him to take a lead role in protecting sharks.

It is incredibly gratifying see Turtle Island members come together to safeguard endangered hammerhead, silky and thresher sharks. Together we can truly make a difference for our world’s oceans and marine wildlife. Please click here to donate today.

“Better times are coming for sharks,” said Randall Arauz, Goldman Environmental Prize Winner and Turtle Island’s International Director. “The signatories acknowledged by consensus that these species are in urgent need of conservation actions.”

Thank you again for all you do for our blue-green planet! Sincerely,

Peter Fugazzotto

Strategic Programs Director

Turtle Island Restoration Network

What else you might want to know

  • A United Nations Meeting The United Nations meeting is formally called the 2nd Meeting of Signatories of the Memorandum (MoU) of Understanding of Migratory Sharks developed under the Convention on Migratory Species.

  • Required Action Listed species will gain greater conservation protections in the regions they inhabit, and countries with listed species within their borders will be required to help protect these shark and ray species.

  • Overfishing In the Eastern Tropical Pacific, overfishing has been identified as the main threat for the survival of sharks and rays.

  • Sharks Protected Three shark groups are of relevance to Costa Rica: two species of hammerheads, three species of threshers, and the silky shark. These species are commonly caught by Costa Rican fishers to commercialize their fins in international markets and their meat in domestic markets.

  • Rays Protected Manta rays and Mobula rays were also listed.

Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation today. Your partnership will help Turtle Island extend our advocacy reach and expand our research to provide more protections for sharks.


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