Romania: More Live Exports. Exposed – Young Calves Shipped To The Middle East For Very Violent Deaths !





Everyone knows that the live export trade is brutal for animals. But, we’ve discovered it gets worse…

In a new investigation led by our international arm — Animals International — we’ve uncovered a devastating global trade in baby animals. They’re the live export industry’s littlest victims.

Unwanted Romanian dairy calves are being taken from their mothers and shipped to the Middle East. These confused and frightened babies are destined to be fattened before suffering the most violent of deaths.

And last night in a major television exposé in Romania, we gave these calves an unprecedented voice.

As you know, when it comes to extreme cruelty, the live export trade knows no borders. Where an animal is from, how much they suffer through being uprooted and shipped to foreign lands, matters little when profit is the end goal.

But there’s a reason why all these animals — whether from Europe or Australia — matter to us. Because each and every one of them is a pawn in an unconscionable global trade in animal cruelty and suffering.

After a decade of investigating and exposing this industry, you’ve helped us get animals out of some horrific situations. There are now layers of regulations around the Australian live export trade that make this cruel business less attractive and less profitable. And as a result, fewer Australian animals are being exported than ever before.

But as we continue our relentless efforts to end live export from Australia, there is a frightened Uruguayan bull in Egypt who needs someone to care about him. There is a curly-horned Romanian sheep in Jordan, and a petrified Thai steer in Vietnam who equally deserve to have someone fighting for them.

We know that if we help one, we help them all.


Ending live export from Romania will not only help animals like him — it is a critical step towards ending live export cruelty globally.


Because every time we expose live export cruelty, we take up the fight for the animals who, for far too long, have been regarded as nothing more than food. Every time we expose live export cruelty, recognition increases that these sensitive animals share our ability to suffer, and therefore deserve better from us — that our circle of compassion should be extended to them as well.

Every time we expose live export cruelty we get ever closer to the day when animals will be valued for who they are, not for the meat or milk they produce.

The strength of any action taken for animals on the back of our latest investigations will depend on the strength of the public response. Feedback from our colleagues in Romania after the program was that ‘our nation is weeping’. For the first time, Romanian politicians are being flooded with demands to end live export.


Please help strengthen these calls by adding your name to our international petition today.

It is because of your generosity, that we have been able to give voice to animals in need wherever they may be, or wherever they may be from. In this the most difficult and challenging area of our work on behalf of animals, thank you for your faith in us, in our strategy and in our vision for a kinder world.

For the animals,
Animals Australia.

P.S. Through our global arm — Animals International — we’ll soon be taking the results of our European investigations to the European Commission. If you’d like to support our work to end the global trade in live animals, we’d deeply appreciate any assistance you can give. Thank you.