Without us they would have had it easier. You win, you lose, but you Fight !


The matador “El Juli” could not finally kill the bull on 1. December 2013 at the Acho Arena in Peru.
Four times he tried, four times he tormented the animal to death, but he could not kill him.
Every further attempt was only an infernal torment.
Then some anti-bullfight activists jumped into the arena of death.
Bold, determined Peruvian activists wanted to show everyone that such a sadistic murder would not happen.
The mob in the arena shouted, “Kill them, kill them, pull them by their hair, pull them by their hair, kill them!”
They were beaten by the lackeys of the
  bullfight mafia, some were taken to the hospital.

To the honor of the Peruvian activists I wrote a post on the blog http://www.sos-galgos.net(Watch the video here please – SAV)

 At that time under the cover name “Amor”.
In this article, I also wanted to clarify a question, that may have been a concern for every animal activist and animal rights activist.
Why do we do it?
Why do we invest so much strength, energy, personal suffering in this struggle?
Why do we sacrifice our rest, our leisure time, our sleep to save animals, or help animals?
What drives us?

The answer, that I gave in this post was:
This war feeds us because it also gives us the satisfaction that we have not become a piece of shit (as you are aficionados), but morally acting people.
The small difference with the big consequences is: who leads proxy war, has nerves, endurance, and enormous reserves of combat spirit.
You shall never forget this, enemies! “

The contribution had then caused great excitement among the pro-bullfighting blogs.
It was published at SfA “Bullfighting for All” and was heavily criticized.
Only, the aficionados, have not understood that this was the best advertising for the blog.

Today, three years after this post, I must say that the reasoning of my fight was not complete.
I would now supplement this with the answer that Bertold Brecht gave when asked at the end of his life: What has all this been useful? All the plays, the writings, the struggle in exile?
Brecht thought, and finally he said: Without us they would have had it easier.
And that is an objective truth.

Best regards to you, Mark, and to all