END OF THE EU? Germany warns FIVE more countries could leave Europe after Brexit.




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We have said time and time again that (from our perspective as animal welfare campaigners and EU citizens) the EU needs to have a ‘big wake up’ regarding the implementation of existing welfare laws, and ensuring that current existing laws and EU Regulations are fully complied with by all member states.  What do we get in return ? – Mr. Van Goethem turns round and informs us that he and the others in ‘EU animal welfare Ltd’ can do nothing when presented with endless video evidence (especially from Lesley at EoA) of the untold suffering of EU animals exported for example, to Turkey.





Therefore, with their endless ignorance of daily issues involving the suffering of live animals across the EU, is it any surprise that many citizens across the EU are acting as per the following article below ?

Citizens of the EU want the EU to act and take firm, decisive action against those who do not comply, not simply adopting the Van Goethem attitude of hands up and ‘I can do nothing’ as we have seen and heard on so many occasions.

It is the Van Goethem inaction, and others like him at the EU that have formulated the utter mess that the EU currently finds itself in ?.  They don’t listen to the welfare groups who have experience and evidence first hand.  Instead, they sit behind their big desks, in air conditioned offices in Brussels, bleating on about how they (the EU), can do nothing despite all the supposed Regulations and non compliant video evidence presented to them.

It is enough really to make you say ‘we told you so a long time ago; you did nothing, and now you start to pay the price’.

We have no problem at all with other existing EU nations following the way of the UK and undertaking their own ‘EU exit’.  The EU has failed the animal welfare campaigners of Europe for a long time, and will always continue to do so under the current ‘management’.  Who, in all the member states, really wants to pay into a ‘club’ when the very same club is presented with endless law breaking evidence of non compliances of existing EU Regulations and then does nothing to take any action against the law breakers ?

Please read the article below and see what the hands up, do nothing approach of Mr Van Goethem and others in EU central office has now resulted in.

We told them a long time ago to act in defence of animals; they did not listen and furthermore did not act – now they must face their self inflicted demise !




Germany warns FIVE more countries could leave Europe after Brexit

FIVE European countries may seek to follow Britain’s lead in leaving the EU in a Brexit domino effect, Germany has warned.

By Jonathan Owen

PUBLISHED: 04:25, Sun, Jun 26, 2016 | UPDATED: 09:06, Sun, Jun 26, 2016

France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Hungary could leave.

Front National leader Marine Le Pen has pledged to hold a French referendum if she emerges victorious in next year’s presidential elections.

While for the past two months a Nexit has been on the cards after Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected a Ukraine-European Union treaty

Details of Berlin’s concerns were outlined in a finance ministry strategy document.

Angela Merkel’s country faces having to pay an extra £2.44billion a year to the annual EU budget once Britain has left.

Fears for the future of the EU have prompted German government officials to propose that Britain is offered “constructive exit negotiations”.

The aim is of making the UK an “associated partner country” of the EU, according to German newspaper Die Welt.

Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, warned that Europe needs to change its ways.

“Brussels must hear the voice of the people, this is the biggest lesson from this decision,” he told public radio.

“But Europe is strong only if it can give answers to major issues such as immigration that would strengthen Europe itself and not weaken it. The EU failed to give these answers.”

Another critic of the EU, the leader of Poland’s ruling party, said that the UK referendum result shows the need for reform of the EU.

“The conclusion is obvious. We need a new European treaty,” said Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who heads the Law and Justice party.

“We need a positive reaction, and not persistent movement in the same direction, a direction which has led to crisis,” he added.

There is no point beating about the bush: today is a watershed for Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Tensions are rising across the EU, with Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden all facing demands for referendums over Europe.

In a statement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “There is no point beating about the bush: today is a watershed for Europe, it is a watershed for the European unification process.”

The European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, has said this does not spell the end of the European Union and the bloc has “decades of experience in overcoming crises”. 

The Brexit vote is expected to encourage populist parties in Europe to seek similar referendums for their nations. 

Foreign ministers of the founding EU states met in Berlin yesterday to try to revive the shattered confidence in the European Union.

The German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier, said: “We cannot rush into hectic activity, pretending we have all the answers, but after the British decision we also cannot fall into depression and inactivity.”

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